Monday, November 11, 2013

On The Mend

Our little family of three is finally on the mend after a two-week cold bender. Man, being sick stinks ... especially while being being pregnant and caring for a little one who's also under the weather. I *may* have clocked my worst parenting days last week while I laid in bed and let Tory watch endless hours of Disney. A little Doc McStuffins never hurt anyone, right? (I hope not. She has been repeatedly asking to "watch show?" since then, so maybe I'm wrong). I was seriously living in fear of going into labor while being sick, so I was determined to recoup by whatever means necessary. Necessary = zoning a sick toddler out with television. I don't feel bad about it. Andi was really sweet by coming home early from work several nights to help with Tory. He even slept downstairs on the couch so Tory and I could snuggle up together in our big bed to get some rest. Okay, maybe he was dodging my admittedly annoying cough and germs ...  and if so, I don't blame him.

Unwilling to take any "traditional" cold medicine because I'm pregnant and cautiously being aware of what I was giving Tory, I tried some new (to me) cold remedies which helped soothe our pain and discomfort.

For Tory, I picked up both versions of Hylands Cold and Cough and saw a noticeable difference in her demeanor after dosing her with the daytime and/or nighttime versions. Highly recommend. She didn't seem to mind the taste either, as noted by her requests for "Tory, need more medicine." (Gosh, kid).

Andi also bought Little Remedies Cough Elixir and this really seemed to help Tory's cough. It's completely natural so I felt better about giving this frequently/as directed. Tory was licking the dosing cup clean so obviously the natural honey taste was a pleasant one.

Of note: kid's medicine is a sensitive topic (not interested in stirring up a debate on kids and medicine), but I also like hearing mom's testimonials when things work like they should, so thought I'd share my new discoveries on the topic.

Mid-cold, I finally broke down and called my doctor's baby phone line to see if there was anything I could give myself for cold relief. I was surprised when the nurse rattled off a list of "safe to use while pregnant" OTC medicines. (Obviously, everyone is different. This is what the nurse suggested I take given my personal healthy and pregnancy). Suggestions included Claritin, Robitussin, Tylenol, Vicks Vapor Rub and cough drops without menthol. I couldn't bring myself to use anything but cough drops and running a Vaporizer for fear I would hurt my babe, but it was nice to know there were dire-straights options if I really couldn't hang any longer. One thing I did do was purchase a Vicks Warm Mist Vaporizer. This version takes the Vapor Mist liquid or these Vicks Vapor Pads which really helped me cope. Though admittedly as I was packing up all this stuff this morning, I was gagging on the trademark Vicks scent. Vicks vapors are now equivalent to 7-Up and chicken noodle soup for me -- commonly, they all remind me of feeling like death.

Speaking of chicken noodle soup, I made a homemade version for dinner one night last week. (Don't worry, this recipe didn't taste like death. Chicken noodle soup only sounds good to me when I'm feeling under the weather. I can't stomach the condensed soup-in-a-can version, so it's go homemade or go home for me). This stove-top recipe was a quick, comforting meal to pull together.

Anyway, on the mend (thankfully!) now and looking onward to the birth of our baby son. Here's hoping we all steer clear of more sickness this winter and if we aren't as lucky, at least I have a few new tricks up my sleeve to help us through.


  1. Ugh, hope it's all out of everyone's system completely by the time baby boy comes!

  2. Glad you are feeling better and really glad you can enter labor rested and not sick! A. and I are finally almost done with our colds (seriously, I'm on WEEK THREE) but I had to keep Oliver out of preschool this morning. Sigh... But really, I can't complain after last year's really bad cold & flu season for my family!

  3. Thank goodness you are all better. Don't worry about TV, you will probably need it a lot in the coming months.

  4. Have you ever tried the Neti Pot (for you, not Tory)? After years of swim lessons as a kid, I was a little bit skeptical of willingly putting water up my nose, but I finally bit the bullet and tried it. It works amazingly well - when I was done it felt like 500 lb bricks had been lifted off my face and I could actually breathe!

  5. I also trust the Hyland's brand medicines for my little ones. Even the teething remedies work great. I am so skeptical about giving kids cough medicine, but I will have to try your "honey" cough medicine.