Monday, November 18, 2013

The Waiting Game (cont.)

Oh, hey there! In case you wasted your entire weekend sitting idly by the phone awaiting news of our little man's arrival, I regret to inform you he did not make his appearance into the world this weekend. We are STILL waiting for one baby boy to show up to the party over here.

Friday was my 40 week doctor's appointment and let's just say, I was a teeny bit upset afterwards. I learned my body had done little to progress labor along the last few weeks and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Of course, the emotions of being 40 weeks pregnant and ready to meet my son finally caught up to me. I held back tears on the drive home from the doctor and tried my best to reassure myself that I won't be pregnant forever. But dang it, as I watch the days past our "expected due date" tick by on the calendar, it's hard to listen to reason, you know? Andi came home from Tory's music class late Friday morning and I said screw it, let's go to the cabin! And we did. (Yes, we're nuts but spoiler alert, not that nuts because a Certain Baby Boy never did show up this weekend).

So, Andi, Tory and I threw some clothes into a suitcase and hopped in the car in route to the lake cabin on Friday. Honestly, I felt perfectly fine and had maybe two contractions all day Friday. That's even after my doctor stripped my membranes at my appointment Friday morning, so clearly nothing was progressing labor-wise. I get it; I make waaay too comfortable of a home for my babies and they never want to come out. (To be honest, I'm a little nervous if this baby boy turns out to be as attached to his mother as his sister is/was. Help!).

We bought some new kitchen appliances for the cabin, so we stopped at Menards and picked those up on our drive. I told Andi, I draw the line at hauling a refrigerator up two flights of stairs to install it. (An inside joke between us as Andi once convinced me to help him carry a queen-size mattress across a busy street when I was hugely pregnant with Tory).

Our visit at the cabin turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. (Actually, no, I doubt my OB would have been behind me skipping town at 40w4d pregnant and driving 1 1/2 hours away into rural Wisconsin, but whatev's - it's fine!). We relaxed at the cabin, completed some projects on Andi's cabin to-do list and best of all, took our minds off (not) having a baby.

Andi and I decided we were probably pushing our luck, so we drove back to the Cities Saturday evening. On the way home, Andi talked to his mom on the phone and she volunteered to keep Tory overnight so we could have an evening to ourselves. Of course we jumped on the opportunity to have one last kid-free night (in our own home, no less!). We dropped Tory off at Grandma's house, ordered take-out and were in bed by 9:00pm. Bliss!

Still no baby Sunday (and hardly any contractions or discomfort on the labor-side of things), so I finally broke down and put up my Christmas decorations. I felt guilty for taking down my harvest decor before the Thanksgiving holiday arrives, but I had the time yesterday and I definitely won't have the time in a few weeks, so.... Plus, my parents are coming to visit tomorrow and they've never seen my house decorated for Christmas in all the years I've lived away from home. It's fun and festive, it occupied my mind while I wasn't having a baby yesterday, and my house smells like Christmas. No complaints here.

Today's Induction Day. These are the last few hours Baby Boy can make his arrival before I'm admitted into the hospital tonight at 6:00pm. The nerves of it all are finally starting to hit me. I'm having a baby today (or likely, tomorrow or Wednesday as inductions take some time). Andi assured me last night "everything will be fine." Heh. Easy for the guy holding the camera to say.

Honestly, I know they'll be fine. God's watching over us and I know I've got the prayers and good wishes of many family and friends across the world thinking of us. In a few short hours, we'll be holding our baby boy in our arms and all this waiting stuff will be a distant memory.


  1. Oh, GOOD LUCK! And we'll look forward to pictures of the little one TOMORROW! YOU'LL MEET HIM BY TOMORROW!!!!

  2. Good luck!!! So glad you guys got to have one last night alone before you embark on becoming a family of four!!! Can't wait to hear the news and see pictures!

  3. Good luck!! I was thinking about you ALLLLLL weekend! I am glad you guys got one last cabin visit in and you got to relax a little bit. I am anxiously awaiting seeing precious Aden. Hope labor is quick and painless...haha. ;)

  4. thinking of you! :) You're doing great, hang in!!

  5. Good luck! Hoping you can get some sleep before the fireworks kick in!! Will be eager to see the little dude make his debut :) -- KimO

  6. Yay!!! I hope that things are well on their way at this point! You are giving me something to look forward to when I wake up for the W's 3 am feeding tonight...hope to see a precious brand new baby face!