Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Take This Cold and Shove It

The only thing worse than a Man Cold is a Pregnancy Cold and, ugh, do I have a doozy. I just knew this pregnancy was moving along too smoothly, dang it. When Andi came home a few weeks ago and complained about feeling under the weather, it suddenly occurred to me it's "cold and flu season" and any one of us could come down with some sort of bug before the baby's born. I immediately went into Operation Disinfect Everything mode. Andi never did get sick, but last Wednesday I woke up sneezing and my cold has progressively grown worse since then.

Normally, I proclaim to have a fairly high pain tolerance but being sick while pregnant is the pits. I don't like to take any medicine while pregnant, so this decision forces me to fight through the symptoms. The last two days, Tory has been out of sorts with coughing as well so it only complicates things by having to shower her with extra care while nursing myself back to health. I did call my doctor's Baby Line hotline this weekend to see if there was anything I could do to make myself feel better. The nurse suggested a few over the counter medications to take if worse comes to worst. In the meantime, I'm hydrating with lots of hot tea, non-menthol cough drops and the vaporizer running 24/7.

Yesterday during my weekly babysitter time, I went to a local coffee shop to write out our meal plan and grocery list. The minute I sat down, I was overcome with a coughing attack that I just couldn't kick. A nice older man was sitting next to me and kept asking questions about my pregnancy. I've talked with him at the coffee shop a few times before and it was sweet of him to show concern, but good lord man, I couldn't breathe! I finally packed up my stuff to leave because I was seriously dying and the man told me he said a prayer that I'll get well before the baby arrives. He melted my heart. People can be so kind.

On the bright side, I'm thankful this cold took hold before the baby arrives and not after he's born. Better to be sick while pregnant than sick with a newborn. Or worse, for Aden to be sick in his first few weeks of life. I keep telling myself that if I've been sick for a week already, this cold has to be almost through. And just in time ... today, I'm 39 weeks pregnant so Baby Boy could make his arrival any day.


  1. Pregnant cold high five! Ugh. I have had on-and-off headaches and puking with this fool cold for over two weeks. AAAAAARG! I miss Nyquil, Mucinex; steaming my face and sinus rinses do very little.

    A. caught it too but his seems much much worse than mine, in spite of plenty of meds :)

    Hoping your cold going away in the next couple days!

  2. Hope you are feeling much better by now. I keep checking instagram for baby updates!! I was VERY ill (some type of fever stomach virus thing) when I went into labor with W and it was so brutal. But it was an awful labor regardless. I just remember going to the hospital and feeling like I just did NOT have the energy/stamina to give birth. But I did! And the fact that I was sick is barely a memory now. Can't wait to hear of his arrival!