Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Happenings (No Baby Yet)

I'm 39w5d pregnant and running out of things to occupy my time. My house has been cleaned top to bottom. I've organized the front pantry closet, wiped the inside of the refrigerator clean, packed the hospital bag, sanitized Tory's toys and swept the garage floor. Both our freezer chest and regular refrigerator / freezer are plum full of make-ahead meals. Andi trimmed all the shrubs back for winter. It was on my to-do list, but he beat me to it. The only thing left to do is rake the massive amount of leaves in our yard. (I'm not so crazy I'd tackle that at nearly 40 weeks pregnant. Hiring that done for sure).

Since having a baby this weekend wasn't in the cards, Andi and I kept ourselves busy with visits to see family and friends, housework, cooking and a trip to the indoor water park. Andi was itching to make a quick trip to the cabin on Saturday, but I didn't feel comfortable risking it. My luck, I'd end up being one of those ladies who gives birth on the side of a highway. Um, no thanks.

The indoor pool was insanely busy Saturday night. Apparently, that's where suburban parents take their kids on the weekend. Who knew? Tory and Andi had a blast swimming together while I watched from the sidelines (can't be anyone out there itching to see my gigantic pregnant self in a swimming suit).

If there's one great thing about dual parenting, it's how differently Andi and I give Tory room to grow. As her mother, I probably shelter Tory more than needed and take far too long to realize she's perfectly capable of doing some things on her own. Andi is more willing to give Tory space to spread her wings. I nearly had a heartache from my chair by the pool when I saw Andi let Tory go down the water slide unassisted. (For the record, it was a small slide with padding at the bottom). But, you know what? She did just fine. In fact, Tory was a crazy little thing scurrying up the slide, sliding down and doing it over again x 100. She was having the time of her life.


This afternoon, I dug down deep into my bucket list of things to do and decided to make homemade Runzas. I invited my sister-in-law Lindsay over to help. The simple recipe fools you to believe homemade Runzas come together in a snap, but they're actually quite time-consuming and messy. I always forget that part until I'm half way into the process. Totally worth it to make them once or twice a winter though. There's something about the first bite of a piping hot homemade Runza that takes me right back to my childhood. So delicious. Andi loves to pop one out of the freezer for fast meals. (My mom's homemade Runza recipe here).

This was Tory's first time making Runzas and she was a big fan. I knew there was a little Nebraska in my girlie! She helped Lindsay and I roll out the dough and insisted we all wear aprons while we cooked. When I dumped flour on the counter top, Tory said, "Mommy made a big mess!" That's okay, Tory Girl, it's all part of the process.

With two dozen homemade Runzas tucked away in the freezer, I've officially crossed everything off my baby to-do list. You're welcome to make your arrival anytime now, Baby Aden! If he's not here by mid-week, I'm going to pull my Christmas tree out of storage and start decorating.

Must. Keep. Busy.


  1. We will be thinking of you!! : )

    As we were waiting for Reese to arrive we were able to finish a chalkboard wall in our kitchen along with a tile backsplash behind our sink. We kept thinking one of these things we will start and get caught in the middle of, but NOPE got them both done. Nine days later along came Reese!

    Good luck and I can't wait to hear the news!!!

  2. I had two friends have their babies this weekend (both overdue) and I thought for sure yours would make his arrival too. Maybe he's just going to be a very punctual little thing ;) Yes, decorate for Christmas!! I'm excited to hear of his arrival :)

  3. I don't know what Runzas are, but they look delicious! Happy baby thoughts for you!

  4. Your next post is going to be "Meet Aden" I just know it! ;)

  5. Yum those Runzas look awesome! I tell you I'm not one to pick one up every week but when I do they are delish! I have to have mine with cheese and ketchup of course!

    Ok now onto more important things...your lillypie says one more day to go. Ahhhh so excited for you!