Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Aden Sits!

Announcing Aden's latest achievement -- sitting!

At 24 weeks (which, technically, was last week), Aden started to sit "supported;" meaning, I wouldn't confidently plop him down on the floor and walk away, but he is now able to sit un-assisted with supervision. There's still plenty of instances he throws himself backwards unexpectedly, like babies tend to do at this age, so he's sporting the Boppy pillow around his middle for safe measure. 

Sitting might be one of my very favorite baby milestones. It's so helpful when Aden can balance in a sitting position while I dress / undress him and I love how he's able to "hold his own" a bit more when sitting beside Tory. Sitting also brings additional milestones - like sitting in a high chair at meal times. I haven't fed Aden any baby food yet, but he's now able to hold himself upright in the high chair without slumping over to one side. He even joined Tory and I at the breakfast table this morning and soon, he'll be eating food right along with us.  

It's crazy to believe my baby boy is old enough to be doing all these things, but I also kind-of love it. Newborns are wonderful for all their tiny baby grunts and squishiness, but infancy is much more fun (in my opinion) when their personalities start to flourish. I love how Aden now responds to conversation with coo's, follows me around the room with his eyes and gets insanely excited when he sees someone he loves. His new achievement of sitting solo means Aden's able to engage with us even more than before. Welcome to the [sitting] club, buddy!


  1. Cute photo! Way to go Aden!

  2. Sitting is such a good one.

  3. This is my favorite phase - sitting but not yet moving! Way to go Aden!

  4. Yeah Aden!! : ) I too love the sitting up stage - it makes so many things so much easier.

  5. How is he getting so big already! I can't believe he's sitting up - what a handsome boy!