Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014, Part Two

Okay, so picking up where I left off re: our Memorial Day fun this past weekend...

Last Sunday, Andi's sister Lindsay and her fiance Kyle joined us at the cabin for the day. That's one of my favorite things about our lake cabin and a big part of why Andi and I chose the location we did. It's 80 miles from the Twin Cities so it still feels "far enough" away from it all, but the cabin's also "close enough" for friends and family to visit for a day.

We spent most of our morning with Lindsay and Kyle sitting on the pontoon boat tied up right to the dock. You don't have to be boating to have fun on a boat; Andi got out Tory's pink fishing pole and Andi and Kyle took turns helping Tory reel in fish after fish from the lake below. Tory caught small-mouth bass, blue gill and sun fish and they were pretty big, too!


Later, we let Kyle and Lindsay take the Ranger ATV for a ride in the woods and then they returned the favor by watching the kids for us while Andi and I had a little date day together. The weather was warm but windy on Sunday, so Andi and I decided to take the Ranger for a "truck ride" instead of going for a sans-kids boat ride. We drove the ATV to the nearby town of Cumberland for gas and enjoyed the quiet wooded trails and scenery on the way back to the cabin. Having even one hour of quality time - just Andi and I - is so helpful in re-charging our spirits during a particularly busy travel time in Andi's calendar. We are so fortunate to have Andi's family live close to us and offer to watch our kids every once and a while.

A wild turkey crossing the trail road up ahead

Andi cooked a whole chicken on the rotisserie for dinner, then we spent our evening chatting around the bonfire after Tory and Aden were in bed. At some point, Lindsay and Kyle decided to sauna and jumped in the (chilly 50 degree!) lake afterwards to cool off. Of course, they double-dared Andi and I to do the same and we all know Andi's jumped in the water a million times this spring since the ice came off the lake. It was no big deal to him. I, however, haven't exactly been in the water yet and I wasn't too keen on jumping into the lake in the dark. But ... a dare's a dare so I ran in from the shore after Andi and I's turn in the sauna. The cool water did feel refreshing, but ... eek!

Memorial Day Monday was Lindsay's birthday, so our guests scooted off early morning to spend the rest of their day celebrating back in the Cities. Of course, Monday was the most beautiful weather day of the weekend and as the rest of the lake packed up their belongings to go home too, we stayed another day enjoying the sunshine. Andi and I took the kids for a nice boat ride on the lake. Tory and Andi fished and Aden slept peacefully (!!!) under the shade. It was a nice and relaxing morning.

Around dinnertime, it clouded over and eventually began to sprinkle so Andi and I loaded the kids into the car and went for a drive around the countryside. We stopped for Dairy Queen along the way and it felt so reminiscent to summertime memories of my childhood. Back to reality early Tuesday morning. We dropped Andi off at the airport for another leg of travel on our drive back into the Cities. I'm already counting the minutes until we're back at the cabin together again.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Aden is looking so big!!! Love all the pictures - you guys are going to have such an awesome summer up at your cabin with both kiddos this year :)