Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Currently ...

... still in my pajamas (well, I was until about 11:00 this morning). I'm loving our new, not-so-busy schedule. Tory's Tuesday preschool class is finished, Wednesdays are typically my "housework" day of the week, and I'm keeping Fridays open this summer so we can scoot off to the cabin as early as possible. Today is a slow-moving day and we haven't accomplished much more than meals, books and snuggles. Love days where there's nothing pressing on the calendar. It's one of my favorite things about being a stay-at-home mom.

Morning coloring session

... thinking about tackling the massive pile of dirty clothes in the laundry room. I swear, every week I devote so much time and effort to sorting, soaking stains, washing, drying, folding and putting away everyone's laundry and the next thing I know, it's all right back where it started. Ugh. A full suitcase from our weekend getaway to Des Moines + two suitcases of Andi's dirty clothes from his work trip last week => means I should be doing laundry instead of sitting here writing this blog post.

... wishing it would warm up enough to play outdoors. It was so, so beautiful in Des Moines over the weekend and now back in the Twin Cities, it's gloomy and cold(er). Springtime is such a tease. The kids have so many cute, springy outfits I'm dying for them to wear if the weather would ever consistently stay over 60 degrees.

... loving the spring blooms on trees and flowers in my yard. After all the rain we've had lately, our grass is bright green and there's new sprouts of leaves on the bushes that separate our backyard from the nosiest neighbors on the planet. (YES!) Grow, plants, grow, and block out all the chaos happening just over the fence.

... dreaming of remodeling ideas for our lake cabin. It seems like cabin remodeling projects are all Andi and I talk about these days and it's so fun to brainstorm, imagine and see our ideas come to life. Turns out, we're heading to the lake this weekend after all, and I am dying to see our new granite counter tops, flooring and outdoor patio in person.

... gearing up for a long stretch of solo parenting. Sunday, Andi leaves for several weeks of photo shoots and I'm mentally preparing myself for being "on" 24/7. He'll be back Memorial Day weekend, which is nice, but [understandably] will be exhausted from working so many grueling hours on the road. More photo shoots and solo parenting stretches resume in June. I suppose I don't mind doing everything on my own if I have to (though, I'd obviously rather Andi were here). The hardest part is gearing up to do everything myself / doing it all solo / and then learning to let go when Andi returns home as he re-acclimates into our home life. It's always a bit of an adjustment on both sides of the departure and return.

... feeling the itch to be crafty. My fingers are twitching to create something -- like cute summertime decorations for the cabin, re-painting our dining / living room walls at home (though, this is too big of a project to tackle by myself so I'll just dream about it), starting to plan Tory's 3rd birthday party, or pulling together ideas for the family wedding shower I'd like to host for my sister-in-law Lindsay. To Pinterest I go for inspiration!


  1. Don't worry, it isn't at all beautiful in Des Moines today. Gloomy and cold definitely sums it up.

  2. This spring has been such a tease! I'm dreaming of some warm summer days!

  3. Uri leaves on Saturday but only for about 5 nights. You've got a long haul. Hang in there!

  4. Yay Pinterest!! Fun fun fun