Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Best Big Sister

Life with two is pretty great these days.

(Well, aside from the no sleep part. That could stand to improve.)

In all other ways, I'm having the best time watching Tory and Aden develop a sibling love only they share; one I hope remains with them for a lifetime.

The first few weeks with a toddler and newborn baby were hard. Really hard. Not long ago, I felt frustrated and tired and wondered when things would finally calm down between them (namely; Tory --> Aden). Tory was constantly squeezing Aden, and I was always reminding her to be gentle, leave him alone while he ate and be quiet while he slept.

Fast forward four months and man, things are pretty terrific. Tory is such wonderful big sister. Most days, I couldn't be more proud of her. Yesterday, for example, I was busy with something in the kitchen and Aden was fussing from his swing. He was tired and I'd been called to his side approximately one gazillion times re-plugging his pacifier into his mouth. On this particular outcry, Tory went to Aden, gently placed his pacifier in his mouth and Aden was asleep seconds later. "I put Aden to sleep!" Tory said with so much pride. Yes, kiddo. You sure did. (Either that, or he finally tuckered out.)

When we're all in public together, Tory professes to people that "this is my Aden." She loves her brother with all her heart and can't wait to show him off to everyone. I suspect one day she'll ask to bring him to show-and-tell at school.

She's always sharing her toys with him.

When Aden awakes from a nap and Tory hears him cry, she'll say "Mommy, Aden needs you! Go get him!" She can't bare to let him fuss for even a minute.

We're entering a time where I can leave the two of them alone together and not worry about Tory harming Aden. It's awesome to run and change a load of laundry or prepare dinner knowing they're both doing their thing (her playing with toys; him bouncing in a baby gadget) with no harm, no foul.

He lights up with glee the moment he sees her in the morning.

And, she's his biggest "tummy time" cheerleader. ("You're doing it, buddy! You're doing it! You're doing it!" said while gritting her teeth together the entire time.)

For the first time ever the other day, I overheard Tory singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ... to Aden, of all people. I'd never heard her sing a song or lullaby before and there she was standing over him singing in the sweetest voice. 

I'm not sure what it'll be like someday when he's pulling her hair or snapping the heads off her Barbie dolls, but right now watching these siblings grow an affinity for one another is pretty awesome.


  1. Awww... so sweet! My girls have been in a pretty good groove lately of being sweet to each other (they're 4 and 2). I love it! Little sister adores her big sister, and it sounds like Aden does too!

  2. Love those pictures!! Especially the one of Tory sharing her toys with Aden :-)

  3. Isn't that the best?! And I have to think they learn a little bit of that nurturing from us, which also makes me happy. I am sure they will be friends for life!

  4. So sweet :) I think that's my favorite part of parenting multiple children…seeing their relationship grow together is so remarkable. I especially enjoy watching Lilah and Adelle together - total best buds! And also L's relationship with Walker just melts me about a million times a day - SO MUCH LOVE between the two of them!