Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bottle Transition

It's been a few weeks since Aden's transition to formula, and for the most part things are going well. As has been the case with him all along, things weren't the easy transition they were when Tory moved to formula. Though, I have many blessings to count as our bumps in the road have been fairly minor in the grand scheme of things.

For one, the spit up. Oh, I'd forgotten all about formula-fed babies and their stinky spit up. When Tory was an infant I wondered why in the world people used burp cloths until she switched from nursing to bottle-feeding and oh, I see! Much more messy! Apparently I had a case of amnesia this time around because I'd stowed away all the burp cloths and again had to dig them out for bottle feedings. We're going through bibs and burp cloths like hot cakes now.

On the topic of stinky: smelly formula toots. My little boy can rip 'em! I'm hoping Aden starts liking food soon so I can work some fruits into his diet and help his bowels along.

Shortly after Aden moved to full-time formula, he began throwing up whole bottles after meal times. I immediately panicked because if this kid can't have regular or soy formula, what can he have (?!) but then concluded his sudden intolerance was directly related to teething. He cut his second tooth a few days later and BAM! no more issues. Darn teeth do some crazy things to babies.

It took me a few days to get the hang of carrying bottle feeding supplies wherever I go (one of the many benefits to nursing; never having to worry about packing bottles), but now it's no big deal at all. And as much as nursing in front of others didn't bother me, I definitely don't miss the awkward fumbling (covering up discretely, juggling the baby and my giant boobs, etc.). At the park the other day, Aden was fussing to be fed and Tory soiled her diaper so I was hurrying around to help them both at the same time. My girlfriend who was with me at the time offered to feed Aden and it was the first time I realized that, yes, someone else can feed the baby! That's definitely a nice change of pace.

Shamefully I admit I feel so free to be no longer providing directly for another human life. I'm having to trick myself with fruit-flavored water and reminding myself to eat meals because now that I don't have to eat and drink water, it's really the last thing I feel like doing.

My, ahem, period has yet to return and I'm curious to see how long it'll be before it shows up. With Tory, I started menstruating three months after she was born and while I was still nursing (not the norm, I know). Last week I experienced MAJOR mood swings (my poor husband!) with fiery rage one minute and hot tears the next, so I assume my body's doing what it needs to do to regulate itself.

So, we're on to the next stage and adjusting accordingly. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a seemingly never-ending pile of bottle parts by the kitchen sink I should get to washing for the umpteenth time today.

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