Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CERP: Letter of the Week "C"

We're moving through our Craft / Eat / Read / Play: Letter of the Week activities at a snail's pace, and I'm plenty okay with that. I developed the list of fun alphabet activities for Tory and I to do together and some weeks we get to it; some weeks we don't. Though, one constant is Tory's fascination with letters. Most days, she can be found belting out the ABC's at the top of her lungs and the other night I even heard her reciting them in her sleep! As a parent, it's exciting to see Tory so enthused about learning and practicing something new.

Here's a few activities we did recently for Letter "C":

Craft: Make a "C" Caterpillar (source)
Click the link to find detailed instructions on how to make a construction paper caterpillar. Ours looked nothing like the original; Tory used fuzzy balls, shapes and markers to create her own version. I added her picture to our binder collection of alphabet crafts.

Eat: Bake Rhubarb Crumb Bars
It's no secret Tory and I love to bake together, but we haven't spent much time in the kitchen since summer officially set in. Too much fun playing outside, I guess. I decided to change that last week when I picked up some fresh rhubarb at the local farmer's market and made rhubarb crumb bars for the weekend. Tory helped by scooping up the chopped rhubarb and dumping all the ingredients into the bowl as I measured them. These were delicious! I also froze some to take to the lake cabin and enjoy over the weekend and actually, I preferred the bars when they were chilled.

Read: "C" books we read together: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and several copies of Curious George

Play: "Catch" is one of Tory's favorite games. We include Brother Bear into the mix by sitting in a circle on the floor and rolling a ball between our legs. Or if it's just Tory and I, we kick the ball to one another out in the backyard. Kids and a ball -- one of life's simplest pleasures.

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