Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Letters to Aden: Eight Months

Hello my darling boy,

You're eight months old now!

Perhaps it's long summertime days or that you're developing at rapid pace, but time seems to be jumping off the calendar. I blink and you're another month older, much more active, babbling and eager to explore the world around you. We've kept busy this month taking trips to Nebraska, celebrating your first Independence Day and soaking up every minute possible at our Wisconsin lake cabin. Wherever we are or whatever we're doing, you're game for adventure and have a beaming smile on your face all along the way. Family, friends and strangers alike comment frequently on your infectious smile and pleasant disposition. You're a happy boy for sure, and growing and changing so quickly.

Likely the biggest change for you this month was the switch from breastfeeding to formula. You handled the transition smoothly and are now eating 6 oz. of soy formula every 4 hours. A tummy full of formula means you're now sleeping in longer stretches at night. The schedule varies a bit from day to day, but on average you're going to bed around 7:30pm, eating once around 2:00am and sleeping through until 7:30am (sometimes with a brief wake-up around 5:00am). I'll take this schedule over the frequent two hour wake-ups you'd done previously any day! Around 7 1/2 months, you also showed interest in solid foods. You like pureed peas, carrots, squash and peaches. You also love buttered toast and crackers, although you haven't quite grasped the concept of eating them. It's a texture thing; having a solid food on your tongue makes you gag and sometimes vomit all over your high chair tray. Fun, right? Kidding! You're getting the hang of eating solid food with each passing day and I see you being a big eater in the not-so-distant future.

Eating more food also means you've chunked out - big time! I weighed you recently on our at-home scale and you measured in at 19 pounds. That's a three-pound gain in two months! You've got an adorable Buddla belly and some legs. You're moved into 9-12 month clothes and continue to wear size 4 diapers. You're blond hair is really growing in now and you continue to resemble Daddy and Grandma Janie the most.

Big milestones in physical development: you roll from belly to back and back to belly now (although you still prefer to stay in whatever position I set you in most of the time). You love to sit and play toys and stay sitting un-supported for quite a while. Your balance is improving -- you'll reach for a toy (from a sitting position) just out of reach and grab it without toppling over, though you haven't shown a bit of interest in scooting or rolling to get something / go somewhere. You do scoot forward while laying on your back. Tory and I call you our little inch worm because that's exactly how you look pushing forward with your feet. This gets you into trouble in your crib when I find you worked into a corner with no way to get yourself back out again. This month you also cut your second tooth (that makes two teeth on the bottom middle of your mouth). You're a fairly tolerable teether. Tell-tale signs are lots of drool and a bit of fussing but not surprisingly, you're still smiling through all the pain.

You babble constantly, mostly with your tongue flipping in and out of your month. You make "ba ba," "ma ma," and "ga ga" sounds the most, though I don't think you're identifying things like me (Mama) or your desire for a bottle (ba ba) just yet. You've also started reaching for people when you want to be held or picked up out of a baby gadget / infant car seat.

Aden, you're such a joy to be around and I grow more fond of you with each passing day. I love you, little boy, more than I could ever say in words. Looking forward to more fun days with you in the month to come!


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