Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Am a Runner

I typically dislike exercise updates on social media but I'm breaking my own pet peeve with this Earth-shattering update: I started RUNNING.

Me! Running!

(I'll give you a second to pick yourself up off the floor.)

Since the early days of elementary school, I've firmly stood in the Do Not Like Exercise camp. I'm not very good at running (mostly because I feel like my lungs are going to cave in when I do it) and I've never enjoyed participating in sports. I like watching sports because it usually involves socializing, beer and many opportunities to shove snacky foods into my mouth but actually participating in an exercise activity? No thanks.

Andi's been nagging me for years to start working out and I never understood why he needed me to help him exercise. He said he wanted us to "be healthier" but, eh, not interested. I've joined local gyms on and off over the years, but it never stuck as part of my daily routine. I don't like fighting for machines or clamoring for a space in organized classes. Last year I joined a gym for a hot-second in an attempt to carve out a little "kid-free time" for myself, but Tory lost her marbles when I left her in the daycare center. See? Working out = not for me.  

A few weeks ago I received registration forms in the mail for a 5K run/qalk near the lake cabin. All of our cabin friends run in this race and Andi and I are the only ones who walk it. It's always bothered me a bit, like we weren't physically fit enough to run it with everyone else. There's no pressure from anyone to run or walk, but I felt embarrassed by it. Anyway, something came over me as I completed the race registration forms this year and I decided to try my hand at running. Why not? I have two months to train for it and worse case, I can always walk if I need to. It's not like this particular 5K run/walk is very competitive (the race ends in a beer garden, for goodness sake)!

I told Andi my intentions and said I'd need to purchase a double jogging stroller if I really wanted to give this running thing a shot. I only have 4 hours of "me time" every week  so working out with the kids has to be part of the equation. I expected Andi to roll his eyes and bock at the idea of buying another stroller (that makes six different strollers in our possession now), but he called my bluff and said, "go for it!" Crap. No turning back now.

So, I took the plunge. I bought a double jogging stroller (this cheap one so I'm not completely up a creek if it ends up collecting dust in the garage in a month or so), downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my iPhone and I started running. It's only my first week so I don't have much room to proclaim success, but I'm so proud of myself for actually doing it. I'm running!

Surprisingly, I don't hate it (yet) and running/walking isn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. Well, okay, pushing two kids and a 30 pound stroller is no picnic, but it's totally doable. And, it's only going to get easier. I like strapping the kids into the stroller and just going - it's way easier than loading everyone into the car, driving to the gym, getting situated, finding a machine or timing it right to join a class, etc. I'm also hoping to tone up my postpartum body. It took me 15 months to get back to my "old body" after Tory was born and at 7 months postpartum with Aden, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight but still pretty flabby around the middle. Hopefully, running helps me bounce back more quickly and who knows, maybe I'll actually stick with that "be healthier" thing Andi always talks about.

Now I've publicly proclaimed my commitment to exercise, I have to stick with it!

For a while ....


Wish me luck!

ps. What are some of your favorite exercise apps / things to listen to / cute workout clothes I need to make this running thing even better?


  1. Way to go!! My intentions have been good since having Reese, but my effort has been non-existent. I need to start running, maybe someday. Right now, not having a jogging stroller is the excuse I am going with ....

  2. Good for you!!! I have a total love-hate relationship with running. Since running is currently MY time (the only time of the day I have completely to myself) I choose to listen to nothing but my uninterrupted thoughts :)
    As for work out clothes, I love lululemon and athleta. Both are great for workout wear, but I tend to wear those types of clothes for my everyday mom uniform too, so it's win-win if I fall into a running rut ;)

  3. Yay Heather!!! I second lululemon and justify it with them being my everyday clothes too...just so comfy!!! Xx

  4. Good for you! I started running after my third was born and signed up for my first 5k. Then I was hooked. I'm running a 5 mile race in just a few weeks and plan on working up to a half marathon. Its addicting! Join a gym in the winter (childcare!) and buy some great clothes- Lululemon is my fave. And as soon as you finish your 5k, sign up for another one- having that goal is a great motivator! Good luck!

  5. Way to go! Good luck with the couch to 5k training program. I ran my first 5k after my second was born, and it was a great way for me to get back in shape! I use MapMyRun to track my runs I have it set to tell me the time every 1/2 mile. I need the frequent updates about how far I've gone :)

  6. Oh my goodness...I am loving this! Girl great for you on getting out there. You look amazing and don't need it but I hope you are loving the feeling you get from running. Seriously the best stress buster.