Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cabin Weekend with Friends

Peeking out from under a massive pile of laundry to blog about our recent cabin weekend with two of my best girlfriends -- Ashley and Val. I've told the story of how Ashley, Val and I met at various points in our lives but in a nutshell, Ashley and I are childhood friends and Ashley and Val met in college. When Val moved to the Twin Cities several years ago, Ashley connected Val and I together and the rest is history ... we've all been friends ever since.

This is the third summer we've met at Andi and I's Wisconsin lake cabin to hang out, drink adult beverages, boat and reconnect. Quite a few little ones have been added to the mix in three short years. There's now six kids and counting including Kasen (3), Tory (2), Linden (2), Easton (1), Aden (8 months) and Lucy (3 months). This was the first year we shared a drink together because none of us were pregnant for once!

So to recap: Last Thursday afternoon, Tory, Aden and I flew from Lincoln to Minneapolis after visiting my Nebraska family for a week. Andi picked us up at the airport and we drove straight to our lake cabin. Our kitchen and bar area cabinets were painted earlier in the week, so Andi and I were anxious to see them before our friends arrived. We squeezed in a quick sunset pontoon ride Thursday night, put the kids to bed and set to work cleaning up the renovation mess. (Can't wait to do an official post about the cabin updates -- we really love how everything's coming along!)

Tory: "Dad, I want to be captain."

Aden's smile is infectious. Love this boy so much!

Val, Ashley and their families arrived at the cabin mid-afternoon on Friday. The weather was warmish (cooler than I prefer but likely fine for everyone else) so we spent the remainder of Friday and most of Saturday hanging around the back yard, lounging on the patio deck and letting the kids play together. It was a trip watching Tory and Easton (Ashley's son) play together. Ashley and I became friends around Age 5 I think (kindergarten?) so not too far away from our kids' ages now. Life is so crazy wonderful sometimes.

Aden and Easton

Tory and Easton

We've had a ridiculously gusty south wind almost every weekend at the lake this summer. It probably isn't a big deal in town somewhere, but the wind whips right across the lake and into our backyard. (First world problems, I know.) Anyway, it was a bit too cold to get into the water on Saturday so instead we went for a pontoon boat ride around the lake, stuffed our faces full of delicious food and just hung out. Good company makes everything better.

Kitchen reno sneak peek!

Tory: "We're just relaxin'."

For almost every nap and bedtime, we were successful in getting all six kids to sleep at the same time! That made for an awesome hour and a half every afternoon and an evening bonfire Friday night. The number of baby monitors glowing in the nighttime darkness pretty much sums up our cabin lifestyle these days.

Ash and Easton during a pontoon boat ride

Another delicious shrimp boil Saturday night for dinner

Andi took the three oldest kids (ages 2 and 3) for a canoe ride. Let's just say it was miracle they all stayed dry.

The girls snuck away for a morning workout sans kiddos!
Seriously, we just hung out so there's not much of a story to tell ... but the photos are too cute not to share.
Suddenly looking SO THREE (one more month!)



We took a morning walk with all the kids Sunday morning. It was fun seeing them run and play together so care-free. I think we all came home with a million mosquito bites as a reward for our time spent in nature.

Love this photo of Kasen running without his feet even touching the ground. All boy, for sure.

The Three Amigos: Tory, Linden and Kasen

Sunday was our last day at the cabin so we all said, "the hell with it, let's get in the lake." The wind was still super breezy but the actual air temperature was warmer that day. The kids had a blast building sand castles on the beach and swimming in the water. The adults even had some lounge time on floaties during afternoon nap time.

Three friends and all our babies

It's always sad to say good-bye to great friends, but I'm thankful for any time we're able to spend together. Next year's return to the lake cabin already seems so far away so we'll rely on phone calls and texts like we always do, and hope for a reason to get the gang together again.


  1. Loved the friendship, laughter and memories that we made this weekend! So much fun seeing Val, Heather and Erika's kids and how well all the kids played together. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cabin with us and can't wait to do it again next year!
    Love ya, Ash

  2. Great friends, great memories, great food! Thanks for sharing your cabin with us. Looking forward to next year!! Val