Sunday, July 13, 2014


Tory Girl says the darndest things and leaves Andi and I in stitches daily. When Tory, Aden and I traveled back to Nebraska this past week, several family members commented how they couldn't wait to "hear Tory's little voice." I think it's because she's such a tiny girl who says the biggest, grown-up phrases. Everyone gets a kick out of listening to what she'll say next. Here's some recent Tory-ism's:


(Reading books to Tory at nap time, with my face close to hers)

Tory: "Mom, you have dragon breath."


Me: "Tory, are you done with your breakfast?"

Tory: "I totally full of toast."


(In the locker room before swimming class, dancing around wearing a hooded towel like a cape)

Me: "Hocus pocus! Can you cast a magic spell?"

Tory: "Mom! I don't have my magic wand!'


(This spring, a batch of sugar ants were coming into the house by the front door. Tory was beside herself about ants being indoors.)

Tory: (in a sheer panic) "Mom! How did marching ants get in here?"

(I bought a few ant bait traps and our little ant problem was solved. A few days later, Tory left a half-eaten cookie on the floor of her room.)

Me: "Tory! This is why you can't walk around with food. Now there's ants in your room."

Tory: (astonished) "There's marching ants in my room. I can't believe it."


(This is a common phrase for Tory, but one instance lately was when I accidentally pinched Tory's leg with the buckle of her car seat)

Tory: "Ow! You have to watch out for people!"


(Throwing small toys into the air)

Tory: "I can easily juggle."


(First thing out of Tory's mouth every morning)

Tory: "I have energy!"

(or, alternatively before nap time)

Tory: "I need to charge my batteries."


(Offering to share a bite of food)

Me: "No, thanks."

Tory: "Okay, tell me you want one."


(Nana Candy asked Tory if she needed a diaper change)

Tory: "I don't know, check if I have a blue line."

(and a few days prior when Grandma Janie asked Tory if she pooped)

Tory: "I don't know, smell my butt."


Me: "Phew, I'm pooped." (from exhaustion)

Tory: (with jaw-dropped) "You pooped?!"