Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Handmade School Valentines Under $1

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the pink and red colors, giving handmade and heartfelt cards and gifts to loved ones ... and it doesn't hurt that my birthday is February 13 which together warrants a entire week of celebration.

I also love that Tory's preschool class observes non-denominational holidays, and I was already prepared for Valentine's Day this year. During one trip to Target in late January, I let Tory select a box of paper valentines to give her classmates. I thought about making something homemade, but decided in the moment to go the commercial route. Tory picked out a box of Disney princess valentines attached to heart-shaped lollipops ... and DONE. Easy peasy.

Of course a few days later, Tory's preschool teacher announced there would be a valentines exchange in class, but asked the cards not include food or candy. Dang. Serves me right for being so organized! So, I decided to craft non-food valentines for Tory's classmates after all.

At the dollar store a few days later, I picked up two packs of plastic kids' sunglasses for $1 each (pack of 6 / $.17 per pair of sunglasses). Then, I designed and printed circle tags from my computer that read "Valentine, Your Future Is Bright!" Tory wrote her name on each tag, and I attached one to each pair of sunglasses with baker's twine. The entire project took us less than an hour to complete together (could've been even less without my little helper) and used almost everything I had on hand (minus the purchased sunglasses). Lots cheaper - and more unique! - than the Disney valentines I bought at the store.

I think the valentines turned out super cute. If the kids in Tory's class are anything like my girl, they'll love having a new pair of sunglasses to wear this spring.


  1. So cute!
    For some reason they decided to combine the K classes for a party this year so we had to come up with a whopping 36 valentines! So to keep it cheap, we are doing pencils with these free printables:
    And A is doing hot wheels cars with these printables: http://www.keepingitsimplecrafts.com/2015/01/easy-boys-homemade-valentine-idea-car.html

  2. Love the non candy idea!! We are doing fancy straws this year - but I am definitely going to remember this for next year!!