Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sayulita: Day 5

Winter mornings in Sayulita are cool and refreshing, so the five of us - Andi, Janie, Tory, Aden and I - decided to walk to breakfast at a nearby restaurant called North Side Café. It boasts a simple menu of gourmet omelets, banana pancakes, croissants and coffee. We ordered a plate of each to share. Unfortunately, there wasn't a high chair at the cafe, so Janie and I took turns balancing Aden on our laps as we fed him, which surely isn't the most convenient or relaxing way to eat a meal. Where are our hired Mexican cooks for breakfast? Kidding. (Kind of.)

By the way, I can't say enough about Sayulita's North Side for family accommodations. As I've mentioned, the entire town is walkable so staying on the North Side doesn't feel isolating, just farther removed from the hustle and bustle of the town's center. 

Shortly after breakfast, we headed to the beach for the morning. For us, it's the perfect time to sit by the water and dig sand castles in the sand when the sun isn't so hot and the beach is quiet. On this day, we went to the "turtle beach" closest to our condo -- coined as such because a group of volunteers rescues and releases turtles from a spot along the beach here. We picked a spot, set up an umbrella and played in the sand. 

Janie took Aden back the condo for his mid-day nap so Andi and I stayed at the beach with Tory. There aren't many beach peddlers here in Sayulita, but on this day there was one man selling donuts. Strange, I know. Who wants a warm pastry at the beach? Apparently, Tory does. The man asked if we wanted to buy one, and I politely shoo'd him away as you typically do in Mexico. But, the look on Tory's face was one of pure disbelief. Did you really tell that man we didn't want a donut, Mom?! So, Tory and Andi ran after him and bought Tory a chocolate-covered donut. She was in heaven. 

For dinner that evening, we dined out at La Rustica - a wood-fire pizza restaurant in town. The pizzas were absolutely delicious, and something different after eating Mexican tacos day after day. Sayulita was definitely booming on a Saturday night. There was a marching band in town moving from restaurant to restaurant, playing music in the streets and every one of the restaurants were packed with people.

Loving life in Sayulita ... 

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