Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sayulita - Day 6

Another beautiful day in Sayulita! The five of us woke up slow with breakfast and coffee in our condo, followed by a trip to the beach. Same as the day before, we set up an umbrella and towels in a sandy spot by the ocean, relaxed and played in the sand. The water current is fairly strong here and Tory’s a bit intimidated by the waves, so she’s perfectly content digging in the sand and searching for seashells along the shore. Aden is happy doing the same, but I think he’d also love to dive into the waves if we’d let him.

On this morning, we watched a local man fish from the beach with only a net. It was pretty amazing to see him cast the next a few feet in front of him and pull in fish from the ocean.

Janie took Aden back to the condo late-morning for nap and Andi, Tory and I stayed at the beach to play. It was a special treat to spend peaceful time playing at the beach with Tory. She’s been an absolute angel on this trip, thriving in a new environment. Today she told me she loves being in Mexico, but Minnesota “is her world.” I think she was having a hard time justifying which place she wanted to be - the sun or the cold.

Before heading back to the condo to meet Janie and Aden, the three of us grabbed tacos to-go from El Itacite. Andi ordered a mixture of steak, grilled and fried chicken tacos. This place had great reviews online, but we weren’t as wow’d. Maybe it had something to do with getting take-out instead of eating the meal at the restaurant. 

Of course, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. When in Rome! I could definitely get used to a life filled with trips to the beach and the pool on repeat.

Our hired Mexican cooks, Pancho and Beatrice, made dinner for us at our condo once again. On this night, they prepared pan-fried mahi-mahi, rice and traditional Mexican chili rellanos stuffed with cheese and corn. The fish was out of this world delicious – some of the best I’d ever tasted. Pancho made a mixture of parsley and sautéed garlic, and served it sprinkled on top of the fish as garnish. It added the perfect amount of complimentary texture.

We’d previously asked Pancho and Beatrice not to use butter or cheese in any dishes we wished to share with Aden, like the fish and rice in this meal. I think Aden might’ve been the biggest fan of this meal. With wide eyes, Beatrice and Pancho chuckled as they watched Aden shovel handfuls of fish into his mouth as quickly as he could manage. Our boy can eat, and he’s surely enjoying the fresh fish, fruits and vegetables Mexico has to offer.  


  1. It is just extremely difficult for me to imagine it being hot anywhere right now. And all of that fresh fruit....mmmmm!!!

  2. It is just extremely difficult for me to imagine it being hot anywhere right now. And all of that fresh fruit....mmmmm!!!