Friday, May 1, 2015

17/52: A Weekly Photo Series

We discussed sibling relationships in the parent portion of Tory's preschool class this week, and it made me thank my lucky stars for having children who get along so well with one another. Several parents asked for recommendations on ways to combat sibling rivalry while I sat idly by having nothing to contribute and feeling thankful I have yet to tackle that particular parenting hurdle. (Yet is the operative word; I'm sure my time is coming.)

Tory and Aden play really well together, and I think Tory is a big reason why. She welcomes Aden into her imaginative play, and doesn't get upset when he knocks over her elaborate dollhouse set-ups or messes up toys in her room. It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes as Aden grows older. Will he share his toys with Tory as nicely as she shares with him? Will he be more of a biter / hitter / kicker / pusher when Tory was never any of those things? Only time will tell, I suppose.

I'd like to think their loving behavior toward one another has something to do with my superior parenting techniques, but I doubt that's the case. Tory has always played well with others. I'm hoping Aden takes cues from his big sister.

This photo of the two of them snuggled up on the couch together was completely unprompted. Tory was quietly watching a show, and Aden crawled up and laid his head on her belly. It's so sweet how much these two love one another.

And, I am just over the moon about them.


  1. Gah! That picture is adorable and pulls at the heart strings. So glad they get along so well... And hope it stays that way. :)

  2. What a sweet picture of Aden and Tory!