Friday, May 15, 2015

19/52: A Weekly Photo Series

I snapped quite a few photos of the kids this week, but perhaps the most telling are the ones of Aden enjoying his first ear of corn.

It was spaghetti night (aka: bath night) and he was head-to-toe covered in marinara by the end. Corn is the perfect accompaniment to spaghetti, if you ask me. I actually like to mix corn into my spaghetti, but that's neither here nor there ....

Aden wasn't sure what to do with the cob of corn at first. He touched it and immediately shouted "hot!" even though it wasn't. It was warm. And slathered in (dairy-free) butter. I think the correct exclamation could've been "what the ... ?"

I encouraged Aden to pick up the cob and eat it, and after that didn't work I asked Tory to demonstrate. He still seemed less than impressed, so eventually I used a knife to slice off the kernels. Then, Aden gobbled up the corn in 10 seconds flat.

We'll give corn on the cob another try this summer, Aden. You'll get it then - I promise!

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  1. hahah that is funny, corn on the cob is one of Aria's most favorite foods. She'll even steal everybody elses. Now if I could only get her to eat spaghetti...I mean come on, that one should be universal.