Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Plugging back in to regular life after a wonderful long weekend at the lake cabin. As is typical this time of year, Andi is traveling for work (almost) non-stop for the next six weeks but thankfully, we were able to be spend Memorial Day weekend together. The kids and I picked up Andi shortly after he arrived in Minneapolis on Friday afternoon, then`high-tailed it to our Wisconsin cabin to start the long weekend. We were determined to squeeze in as much family time as possible because our next stint without Daddy is 18 days long!

Not sure what kind of weather the next few days would bring (it almost always rains Memorial Day weekend), the four of us hopped in the pontoon boat for a trip around the lake immediately upon arrival Friday night. The sun was warm and bright, and practically the perfect opportunity for Popsicles. Aden is obsessed with these freezies!

We woke up Saturday morning to bright and sunny skies, so the four of us headed outdoors first-thing for a pajama boat ride. This is one of our family's favorite ways to begin a summer day. No time to brush teeth; just slip on some flip-flops, fill up our coffee cups and throw together some breakfast food for the kids. We've usually got the whole lake to ourselves, and it's such a peaceful way to start the morning. 

After our boat ride, Andi and I decided to capitalize on the good weather and complete some yard work. I outfitted the kids in swimming suits and sunscreen and let them play on the beach while Andi and I picked weeds and cleaned up the lakefront. The water isn't all that warm yet (60 degrees back in the bay by our cabin, and around 55 degrees in the main part of the lake), but that didn't stop Aden from bee-lining directly into the water at first chance. He contently splashed in the shallow water and built sandcastles with Tory while I kept close watch nearby. 

Tory and Aden enjoying a playtime snack break while they watched Andi finish up yard work. 

Sometimes, I'm still amazed these two lovely kids are ours. Pinch me! I love this life.

Around noon-time, the weather turned cloudy with intermittent rain and stayed that way for the rest of the weekend. No bother; we still had lots of fun doing other rain-friendly activities around the cabin. And, at least we were able to squeeze in a few boat rides and beach time before the forecast turned gray. 

Sunday, Andi and I loaded the kids into the car and drove North to Hayward, Wisconsin for the day. Hayward is one of my favorite small towns in Wisconsin, mostly for their Musky Days festival that takes place in late June. It has such a welcoming hometown vibe; I love it. On this day, Andi and I planned to buy a floating swim platform from one of Hayward's marinas and stop for lunch at a local farm called Farmstead Creamery and Cafe. The cafe produces their own produce, meats and dairy on-site and makes wood-fire pizzas from scratch every Saturday in the summer in addition to other sandwiches, salads and breakfast foods. We weren't there for the big Saturday festivities, but still enjoyed a nice picnic lunch on their grounds together. 

Aden loved having the freedom to roam around the farm grounds and explore. Tory loved the homemade gelato. I loved the road trip with Andi -- listening to music, talking, and laughing the whole way there and back.

We spent most of Memorial Day Monday going for a long Ranger ATV ride in the countryside, and prepping our cabin for another quick remodeling project. 

Why can't every weekend be a three-day weekend? This long holiday weekend at the lake truly felt like a vacation giving Andi, the kids and I time to unwind, spend time with cabin friends and reconnect with each another. I'm still riding the high from such a great time at the lake, and pining for the day we can get back there again.    

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Nice that you got in some boat rides and beach time before it rained. And that creamery and cafe looks awesome - esp the pizza. Saturday pizza...yeah hard to beat that! And I agree every weekend should be a three day one!