Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

I love nothing more than being a mother. I'm blessed to spend my days devoted to Tory and Aden... even if I might forget it for a minute when motherhood calls at 3:00am. 

My one request this Mother's Day was to spend the weekend at the lake cabin with Andi, the kids, and Andi's family. Andi's parents decided to spend the weekend with us at the lake, and Lindsay and Kyle joined us for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. 

Our weekend kicked-off with a bang Friday afternoon when Jim and Janie offered to take Tory and Aden to the cabin early, granting me an entire afternoon to myself. Andi traveled for work last week, so my original plan was to swing by the airport to pick him up when his flight arrived and drive to the cabin together. While sitting in rush-hour traffic with the kids at dinnertime isn't exactly my idea of a good time, it really was the most sensible option. That is, until Janie swooped in with Plan B and saved the day. Tory was ecstatic to have Grandma and Grandpa all to herself Friday evening, and they even treated the kids to dinner at The County Line Tavern -- something Tory's been asking about for weeks. 

Meanwhile, I spent my alone time Friday perusing Costco and the grocery store, buying groceries for the weekend, minus the tiniest bit of tension. I picked up Andi from the airport around 6:30pm, and together we made the peaceful (somewhat traffic-heavy but without kids!) drive to the lake cabin. We stopped for dinner at Staples Lake Bar & Grill and by our cabin neighbors Joe and Lisa's place for a drink before finally making our way to the cabin around 10:00pm. I've likely mentioned how stressful my Fridays usually are -- packing for the cabin in a frenzy, entertaining children in their car seats during the 1 1/2 + drive to the cabin, feeding their famished bodies upon immediate arrival -- so this rare, leisurely trip Friday evening was a treat. 

The six of us -- Andi, Tory, Aden, Jim, Janie and I -- spent most of Saturday outdoors at the lake. Temperatures were a little chilly starting out, but warmed up nicely in the afternoon. Andi and his dad fished most of the morning on the lake, and caught quite the slew of crappies. I made super delicious (but definitely not quick to prepare!) chicken burrito bowls and together we dined al fresco for lunch, as Tory would say. Then, Janie and I sat on the deck and basked in the sunshine all afternoon while the guys went fishing again with Tory.


We ended our day with a fish fry -- freshly caught and prepared by Andi and his Dad -- after the kids were in bed.

Mother's Day Sunday started on the perfect note, with a leisurely wake-up and a long shower. To some an uninterrupted shower might not be noteworthy, but in this season of life it definitely is to me. Andi made eggs and waffles for breakfast and the kids helped him prepare ingredients in the kitchen.

The weather was dreary and cold, so we spent most of Sunday indoors. Janie and I opened our gifts from everyone. Andi surprised me with a new KitchenAid Stand Mixer for the cabin (!!) in absolutely adorable handmade wrapping he and Tory designed together. 

We gifted Janie framed silhouettes of Tory and Aden which she loved.

Andi, Lindsay and Kyle prepared chicken with cherry-wine pan sauce for a mid-day lunch, then we all enjoyed yummy pastries from one of Lindsay and Kyle's favorite French bakeries in the Twin Cities. Janie and I relaxed on the sofa while all the kitchen prep and clean-up happened! It felt ... strange and awesome to be so pampered!

After all the delicious food and relaxation that day, our group ventured outdoors for a walk in the woods to rev up our bodies before the drive home to the Twin Cities. 

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day weekend at the lake. It's wonderful to pause and reflect during the chaos of life and truly appreciate God's gift of family. 

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  1. Strange and awesome haha. I feel you. Wait...I'm sitting, somebody else is cleaning or making food, what is going on?! Aria just started getting back into a daddy kick and she'll actually go to the park with him while I make dinner. It is just oh so odd. I even put on food network. It is like a vacation!
    Glad you had such a nice mother's day - so fun to get a kitchen aid for the cabin. Best kitchen appliance!