Friday, May 8, 2015

18/52: A Weekly Photo Series

I took lots of photos of our junk gently-used items for sale this week, and not nearly enough of anything else -- my adorable kids! wonderous nature! delicious food! anything! Since I'm sick to death of looking at sale stuff, let's talk cabin life last weekend.


The beginning of May is a tricky time of year. I can clearly remember years of looking out the big cabin windows facing the lake on May 1st (-ish) and watching snow falling from the sky. Last year, the big chatter around town was whether the ice would come off the lake in time for fishing opener (aka: brrrr!). This May we're enjoying boat rides, kite flying and bonfires. People are busy tiding up their yards and putting in their docks -- the awesome energy of summer approaching is in the air!

Last weekend was Wisconsin's fishing opener, so our family spent a lot of time gone fishin'. It warmed my heart seeing so many boats on the water with a mom, dad and and their kids fishing together. I have to say, fishing really is a nice family activity -- quality time together in nature.

It's interesting what a difference a year makes in the life of a child. Last year, Tory loved catching fish off the dock and took her job handing Andi wax worms bait very seriously. Last weekend, she'd fish for a few minutes and then whine she was hungry or bored. She freaked out when Andi caught a bass because she thought he would make her touch it (he wasn't even near her). I hope it was only a bad mood and not the tone of Tory's attitude about fishing the summer!

A happy moment Sunday morning when fishing was still interesting:

Aden relishes in the freedom to roam the boat, and loves playing in the minnow bucket even more. I can't keep him out of there so after a while I just stopped trying. First kid: all things organic / natural / cage-free / sugar-free, etc.; Second kid: Eh, drink minnow water. Whatever. I can't wait until it's warm enough to dress Aden in board shorts and a sun shirt. Right now, I'm changing his clothes a minimum of 3x a day because he's constantly wet and filthy.

I'm truly surprised how much I enjoy fishing this year. Andi taught me how to bait my own hook this past weekend (aka: I held a slippery minnow in my hand and pierced its back through a sharp hook --eek!) I think he not-so-secretly wanted me to learn how so he doesn't have to do it for me all summer. If I can change diapers and wipe boogers all day, I suppose I can touch slippery little fish bait!

One morning after Tory's whining had become too much to bear, we switched gears and flew a kite on the lake. I saw this idea somewhere last year and thought it was a perfect chance to use one of the many kites we have collecting dust in the closet. Kite flying from a boat = open air, no trees and ready-made wind.

Fun times! She loved it.


  1. 1. I've lived in MN my whole life, have spent summers on Mille Lacs since birth, and I still don't bait my own hook. Kudos, girl.
    2. Kite behind the boat is genius. Pure genius. I am so doing that.

    1. Hey, thanks! That makes my day.