Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Helpful Husband

What a good husband I have!
After working a long day at the new University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium, I came home to find a clean house + all the yard work done. Andi spent all day today cleaning and mowing- how sweet is that!? (especially since I know he likes to neither of the above)

Check out a few photos of my cute little house:
Front Yard
Back Yard Left
Back Yard Right
Little Chloe girl enjoying the sunny day

Also ... a photo of the new stadium (concessions level).

Today went relatively well considering it was the first dry run. The first official game is Sept 12. Pretty exciting! College football is here!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your landscaping! It looks great : ) Just last week Zach and I were fighting over whose turn it was to mow the lawn (normally it isn't a big deal, but we were both working 10 hour days last week) it was at least four or five inches taller than it should have been - I am surprised we weren't turn in.

    Isn't it great when they surprise you like that! I am thinking Zach may need to take cleaning lessons from Andi, that is not one of his (or mine for that matter) favorite things to do.