Friday, August 7, 2009

Honeymoon: Day 6

We spent today in Koh Samui. Woke up early to watch the sunrise from our penthouse rooftop patio, had breakfast at our villa's restaurant Sankala and sunbathed on our rooftop patio. We rented a motor bike this afternoon for 300 Baht ($10 US dollars) to tour around the town. They drive on the opposite side of the road here so it was a little stressful until we got the hang of it.

They have tons of great restaurants in Samui so we're going to check out one tonight. Tomorrow, we're taking a ferry to a nearby island called Koh Tao where we plan to stay until Monday.

Andi and I were talking today, this trip is definitely different than we imagined. Not bad; just different. More civilized, less beachy so far. Here are a few other things we observed

Every restaurant uses forks, spoons and knives. No eating with only a spoon like the books I'd read indicated.

Everything goes here ... before visiting, I read Thais were conservative, not exposing much skin and always covering their shoulders. This hasn't been the case except for in the temples we visited yesterday. I'm amazed that many Thais are wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts when it feels like it's 90 degrees out. I guess they're used to it.

Lots of people - Thais and visitors - wear hospital masks here. It must have something to do with the Swine Flu - either they've exhibited symptoms or are afraid to catch something. Kinda freaks you out when you're boarding a plane or getting a massage from someone wearing one!

Haven't seen many bugs here, except for a few geckos or flies.

The weather has been fairly good. It rains almost everyday for about 20 minutes but other than that, it's been sunny and humid. Around 90-95 degrees.

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  1. It sounds (and looks) AMAZING!! I have found myself checking your blog twice a day just to see if you have left another update : )

    What a fun way to spend your honeymoon and some quality time together!!