Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honeymoon: Day 7

Today we got up early and left Koh Samui for Koh Tao, a small island about 2 hours North of Koh Samui. We bought tickets for a large ferry (about 450 Baht - or $15 a piece). The ferry was not a pleasant experience. There were half as many chairs as people and our shuttle was late picking us up from our hotel so we were one of the last ones to board the ferry.
The look on my face pretty much summed up the ride (notice me, in the middle of the photo, amongst a pile of luggage, one blow-up crocodile floaty and a masseuse with a mask on ... fun times):
About an hour into the ride, a few people got up and Andi and I jacked their spot on top of a counter. I slept for the remainder of the trip - it was either that or get sea sick. Andi was amazed I was able to sleep through the bumpy trip ... but I reminded him, I can sleep anywhere.

We're staying at a bungalow in Shark Bay beach tonight called Haad Tien. We totally spoiled ourselves by staying at pimp places so far on our trip. This place is nice, but doesn't have all the comfortable amenities we've grown accustomed to (no wi-fi for example ... how will I ever check FaceBook and update my blog)??

Here's a few pics of our bungalow at Haad Tien Resort.

Our bungalowView from our bungalow patio (you can see the ocean through the palm trees)
The good thing about Haad Tien Resort is it's right on the beach. And the water's more calm here vs. Phuket. But, being directly on the beach has its downsides; check out the spider that was in our room. It has Andi screaming like a girl!
For our time in Koh Tau, we rented an ATV to drive around town. That's how almost all of the tourists & locals get around because it's cheap and super hilly here. I think Andi had fun off-roading around town today ... lots of bumps and dirt roads.

Don't I look glamorous on this thing?
Koh Tao has huge boulders everywhere - in the water as well as on land. This is Andi goofing off with one one them today :)
We're in Koh Tau until Monday. We booked a room at another resort down the road called Jamahkiri for tomorrow. Let's be honest, they have a spa and that's the kind of travel we've become accustomed to on this trip!

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