Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chloe Update

I'm happy to report my little girl is finally starting to feel better. After nearly 2 weeks of throwing up and very sparce eating, she's keeping food down again.

On Tuesday, the vet called to check up on her progress. Now I must interupt here to tell you that said vet has really redeemed herself this week. You see, I'm very finicky about the providers we use for Chloe. I once took her to the PetSmart near our old house for a haircut and upon entering the store, Chloe violently began shaking and pooped in the store entrance! As I drug her back to the grooming area, a lady with blue fake fingernails and tri-colored hair grabbed her from me and told me to come back in 4 hours. I never went back. And now we have the most amazing groomer who absolutely loves Chloe to pieces. If they can't see how special my little girl is, well, then they don't get my business. Period.

Back to the vet - well, the vet wasn't all that attentive the last few times we visited. Our old vet in Sioux Falls was so nice and attentive to her; he sat on the floor and talked with her and held her. I envision a vet being a lover of all animals and they must possess all of said qualities. So, I was considering switching to someone new until Dr. Bell lovingly called to check up on how little Chloe was feeling this week. I think this might be unheard of. I mean, she called personally - not a nurse or secretary but the vet herself to see how Chloe was doing. After I told Dr. Bell Chloe wasn't feeling any better, she perscribed her a sensitive tummy dog food. (The same kind that was perscribed to Chloe a while back when she had a similar issue). 

Chloe was thrilled and so far it's working. She gets 1/3 of a can 3 times a day and she practically licks her lips when I open the pantry door to get the food out. Which means Chloe's eating. Which means Chloe's not throwing up.

We still have 2 more cans of sensitive stomach food to get through, and then weening her back to regular dry dog food. Or maybe I'll talk to Dr. Bell about sensative stomach dog food for all the time? We will see...

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