Friday, April 9, 2010

Recipe for Weekend Fun

It's hard to believe they still exist but by george, we've got one! A weekend with no real plans, that is.
I think Andi and I will try to cook up a fabulous, relaxing weekend for ourselves...

Recipe for Weekend Fun
  1. Consume 1 margarita at 6pm Friday night happy hour 
  2. Peruse the appetizer menu for some tasty bar food
  3. Eat some yummy nachos dripping with Ranch dressing, or maybe some creamy Spin Dip
  4. Wash it all down with a second margarita
  5. Go home, chill on the couch with my lovely husband
  6. Rise at 9AM, throw on some shoes and grab the dog's leash
  7. Take a leasurely stroll around the neighborhood with Husband and little pooch, stopping for coffee along the way
  8. Tear open the just-arrived UPS package with my new cute shoes
  9. Model them around the house and pick out a cute outfit for Saturday night
  10. Head to Target for some last minute "necessities"
  11. Cruise up to the Northern 'burbs to visit my friend Shelley and new baby Paige
  12. Drive home, change and head out to a few birthday celebrations around town
  13. Open a bottle of wine while mingling with family and friends
  14. Pour another glass ...
  15. Cruise downtown for the evening's second birthday celebration
  16. Another glass of wine? I think so
  17. Come home, snuggle with my husband
  18. Wake up at 8:30AM, get showered and dressed
  19. Go to church and belt out all my favorite songs
  20. Break out the patio cushions and grill out in the backyard
  21. Kick my feet up and read a magazine
  22. Take the dog for another walk just for fun
  23. Watch some good Sunday night tv
  24. Snuggle in with the hubby and relax
  25. Breathe in, breathe out.
What a great weekend...

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