Thursday, April 8, 2010

The world's worst marketing name might just be the coolest little device ever

You won't be suprised when I tell you my husband bought the latest and greatest electronic toy: an Apple iPad tablet.

And while I'm usually the first to bock about his sometimes excessive expendatures, I must first tell you he followed the rules this time by a) telling me about it first and b) buying it with his work account (which means it doesn't affect my bank account and well, that's usually good enough for me).

With that being said, Andi brought home his new little gadget last night and I must say - wow, it's really cool. I think I might need one.

I've heard a few people ask "what's the point?" and I didn't really get it either until I played around with one. It's really amazing! Perfect for anyone who does soft computer work like emails, Facebook and searching the web. Traveling with a iPad would be great for reading books (just like the Kindle) but better for all the internet capabilities. Plus it's got a fabulous crisp, clear picture for showing/viewing movies, photos, etc. I think the only thing it wouldn't be ideal for is typing up a Word doc.

So, the only real question is: When will my husband grow bored of his new toy, move onto the soemthing new and retire this cool, little toy to me? Taking bets .... NOW.

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