Sunday, April 25, 2010

Currently in April

Happy Spring! Here's how I'm feeling this month:

Current Books: I haven't read anything this month. The shame! I stopped reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility until we're a little closer to trying - I was just getting too worked up over it all, like I didn't have any control over the situation. I fell off the Daily Bible wagon as well. Missed 2 months now so I'm going to get back into the habit of devoting a little time to the Lord again on May 1. Start fresh, you know?  I also want to read Animal Vegetable Miracle so those are my May book goals.

Current Playlist: I haven't really listened to any music this month, other than the regular Top 40's radio. I really enjoy my satellite radio in my car so I usually listen to the news channels to and from work. I drove to Dubuque, Iowa this month (5 hours each way) and listened to the news networks the entire way. I'm boring, I know.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Cookies. This month I've had a growing sweet tooth. I eat a sugar cookie almost daily at work and I made these Magic Peanut Butter Middles last weekend which were also yummy.

Current Color: Still loving black. Also digging cherry red and lime green.

Current Drink: Gin & Tonics and oddly enough, milk. Not together of course.

Current Food: Can't seem to get enough popcorn lately. Delicious and a super easy snack.

Current Favorite Shows: We started watching The Tudors this month on Netflix. It's seductively good. I look forward to going to bed every night to watch another episode with Andi.

Current Wish list:
1) A safe and healthy delivery for my friend Julie and her baby
2) Time (and some extra cash!) to plant new flowers in my yard
3) A new wreath for my front door like this one on Etsy. Or I might make my own ...
4) Inspiration for a new dining room table scape. I'm thinking something with herbs in clay pots, wheat grass and candles.

5) A comfy slip-on shoe like these Rocket Dogs

Current Needs: I really need my little girl Chloe to feel better. I'm worried about her - she's still not 100%.

Current Triumphs: I'm feeling really good about my job lately; like I'm making a difference. Had some opportunities this month to assist on a new sales bid (which we got!) and implemented a nationwide Earth Day campaign.

Current Bane Of My Existence: I need to lose a few pounds for the lake this summer. The time has come. I just can't put it off any longer.

Current Celebrity Crush: This month I loved watching Kate Gosselin on DWTS. I have to admit, I'm excited for her new show on TLC to start.

Current Indulgence: This month I bought 2 new pairs of boots and 1 pair of high heels which is super uncharacteristic of me! I love them; it feels good to have a few new pairs of kicks.

Current Blessing: My husband. We have so much fun together - laughing, tooling around town, making dinner together. I'm just so lucky to have him.

Current Outfit: Comfy stuff - zip up and black stretch pants

Current Excitement: We're meeting my parents, siblings and niece in Des Moines for Mother's Day and I'm really excited. Des Moines is half-way for both of us and it'll be nice to celebrate my mom and sister ... and not to have to drive so far to do it. We're staying in a hotel which will be fun too. Can't wait to swim in the pool with little Brookie!!

Current Mood: At peace. I've had a great few weeks living life - cooking dinner, talking walks around the neighborhood, spending time with family and friends.

Current Link: Still rockin' this Twitter thing. I can't tell how I feel about it all yet - doesn't seem as much fun as Facebook. So follow me at liveinmybubble - show me what it's all about!


  1. I like this post _ I may have to steal it. You sound like such a busy gal. Seems that life is wonderful - keep on enjoyin!

  2. Steal away!! I like the record of each month's thoughts and feelings ... always something changing. :)