Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Great Bedding Debacle of 2010

It's the Great Bedding Debacle of 2010 -- and I'm soliciting any and all help you can provide.

Here's the backstory:
When I graduated college, I moved into my very first apartment all by myself. I carefully selected the perfect furniture for my little one-bedroom apartment and paid for every item all by myself. Such items included a black pleather couch and loveseat (because I obviously couldn't afford the real thing) and this green duvet set from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I remember searching the stores and online websites tirelessly until I found the perfect one to match my style (and my wallet). Complete with a sequin pillow and cute little sequin detail pattern. This duvet set made me feel fancy and accomplished like I'd finally made it far enough to have my own nice things.

Jump ahead a few years to when Andi and I started dating. He wasn't exactly a fan of my furniture (which by this point, was a few years older) and with my move to Minnesota another year later, many of my items didn't make it on the moving truck. Not his fault entirely, you know how it is when you move - you'd rather sell it or donate it than stuff another piece of something or other into the moving truck. We used to joke actually, that if we broke up the only thing I'd have to take with me were bath towels, my office chair and Chloe. But then I came home one day and my office chair had been replaced with a new black office chair so that pretty much left the towels and 1 tiny pooch.

Naturally when we got married last year, what's "mine" became "ours" and vice versa. With a fist full of gift cards from our wedding, Andi begged and pleaded to buy a new duvet cover for our bedroom set, something that "doesn't have as many freaking pillows" he said. We shopped around and defeatingly settled on this orange/brown striped duvet cover from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Let's just say, it's not my favorite. I selected a few pillows to go with it (which were a struggle in itself - I just now took the tags off of them because I told my husband I was "testing them out"). This duvet cover wasn't a pretty set so there were no matching pillows or bed skirt. And you know how it goes, I've been meaning to buy a bed skirt to match the cover for a year now .. and well, it just hasn't happened yet.

So, the Great Debacle?
Well, here's where you come in. Any thoughts on how I can spruce up this duvet? I mean, it was semi-expensive purchase and is still fairly new so I don't want to give up on it just yet. I told Andi today I'm half tempted to replace it with the old green one I adored, but he nearly fell out of his chair while exclaiming oh, heck no! So give me your best decorating advice. Also, tell me what's the magical secret to keeping the duvet cover in tact with the blanket underneath? Because this one shifts and lumps and well, damn near drives me crazy.


  1. I am no help! But your bedding debacle reminded me of when Pais got sick all over our comforter. We used sleeping bags for over a month - maybe two because we were too lazy to go to the big washers at the laundry mat and wash it. One day Zach comes home with the idea that we will just THROW away our comforter and buy a new one - just so we don't have to wash it. That night it was washed - the next day it was back on our bed!

  2. Jen - ha! Why are husbands so difficult when it comes to bedding? Can't they understand it's a woman thing - we're tied to pretty comforters.

  3. I really can't give any advice because our duvet cover is 1. not pretty and 2. in storage. But, for the short period when we did use it, we had these little clip things from Bed Bath and Beyond that were supposed to hold the blanket in place under the duvet. The whole thing was just too complicated for me, which is why we sleep under a ratty old blanket!