Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lessons of Marriage

Marriage is a funny thing. As much as you think you know exactly what it'll be like, how much you envision the way you'll grow together, it's different and better and harder all at the same time.

This month, it'll be nine months since Andi and I got married. I'm learning everyday that being married is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Lately, I find my husband more sexy and smarter and funnier than ever before. I'm amazed how commanding and strategic he is when running his business. And at home, he's still the same simple man I've always known. We go to bed early. Take Chloe for walks around the neighborhood. Spend time at the lake in the summertime.

But there's also been times over the last 265ish days I've felt unsteady and chlosterphobic. Just as the other married people in the world tell you, marriage (especially the first year) is hard and takes work. For me, it's mostly coming to terms with being a couple - realizing it's not about me anymore. This is our life now. Not that we weren't a couple the 3 1/2 years we dated, it's just different now, you know? Being married is becoming more second-nature. The other night as I was doing laundry I had a great feeling of comfort wash over me. This is my life. I'm happy. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful husband to build my life with. Grow our life together.

Last night we went to happy hour with a few of Andi's friends. For various reasons, the other wives and girlfriends weren't able to make it so I was the only girl at a table full of boys. You know how guys are, they talk about beer drinking and work stories and the way their girlfriends/wives are. A friend of our friend said something like "my wife is a list-maker. She plans our life down to the minute." Andi's friend Nick told us about doing all the grocery shopping the last few months as his wife has been on pregnancy bed rest. He was telling us about couponing and shopping at different grocery stores for all the best specials. Something I'm gathering Nick didn't know much about until Julie was unable. Andi and I just smiled. "You don't have it so bad." I whispered to Andi. "No," he said, "I'm pretty lucky."

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