Friday, August 19, 2011

New Reads

Within the next 9 days (the last possible day I'll be pregnant before I'm induced), I'm going to be spending A LOT of time nursing a baby. I imagine it to be quality time with my babe and I also suspect there will be many moments I'll need something to occupy my time. What do you mamas out there do besides surf the internet and check Facebook? I assume you can only do that for so long so I'd like to load up my Netlix cue, my Kindle and my Google Reader with tv shows, books and blogs which come highly recommended. So I was thinking ... I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

What's one must-see tv show or series, recommended book and a favorite blog you follow right now?

Here's My List:

TV Series
Friday Night Lights 
Andi and I got HOOKED on this series this summer. I personally love football, and there's obviously some of that in the show, but there's also awesome story lines and great development of characters. You don't have to love football to heart this show, either. There's a little bit of sex, lots of drama and fast-moving story lines. We flew through the first five seasons like two obsessed teenagers watching 90210 in the 90's. It's THAT good.

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo
I'll admit, I haven't read much of anything lately that wasn't about parenting or pregnancy, but one "non-preggo" book I finished was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's a mystery with lots of suspense and a little bit of edge taking place in a foreign country. While I found the characters a bit difficult to identify with at first, the book quickly became a page-turner. I'm just started the second book in the series, The Girl Who Played with Fire.

Operation Pink Herring 
I don't remember when or how I stumbled upon this blog, but lately it's been one of my favorites to follow. This gal isn't far behind me in her pregnancy with her first child. While she leads a very different life than mine half-way across the country, I find her experiences to be witty and relatable. Hope she doesn't mind me giving her a shameless plug here!

Ok, your turn! Leave me a comment with your favorite tv show, book and/or blog and help fill in my up-all-nights of the future!


  1. Tv series- Veronica mars
    Books- check my book reviews!
    Blog- google modg blog (sorry no link- on phone & lazy!)

    Suppose I should mention I'm nursing right now!

    Did you know Hennepin county library system has digital books you can request and check out?

  2. TV: There's a new series coming out this fall that's supposed to be similar to MadMen. I think it's called The Playboy Club.
    Book: Bossypants! Also, anything by Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz or A Million Miles in a Thousand Years)
    Blog: My friend Rebecca has a pretty fun and easy to read blog:

  3. TV: 90210 - the new one, yes I am hooked! Two & a Half Men

    Books: anything Chelsea Handler (just plain funny). Light fiction reads - Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green. I'm starting Hunger Games (great reviews) and can let you know how that goes.

    Blog: Spearmint Baby, Chic Cheap Nursery, Project Nursery - all are great!

  4. I'm gonna start watching MadMen.

  5. My new all time favorite daytime show is "The Doctors"... I DVR it everyday so I can watch it every night. It deals with anything from health things, to no nursing, to even making homemade ice cream out of breast milk. For books I can't sit still long enough to read but always enjoy my Woman's World magazines.
    Blogs... I only read yours and Jen's and Weight Watchers ones... they too have a program for nursing moms and how to eat right while nursing.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions!

    We just started watching Suits on Netflix this weekend .... pretty good. I'd recommend for those of you looking for some new tv too.