Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Decor

One of the easiest pieces of my relationship with Andi is our personal tastes. From paint colors to furniture choices, choosing how to decorate our house is something we both enjoy doing together. And I appreciate his opinion. Unlike most guys (I assume, at least) my husband wants to have a say in even the smallest detail.

This weekend, we bought a few paintings for our living room and stairway. We toured some art galleries in Northeast Minneapolis, but didn't find anything we were particularly drawn to. Shamefully and far less cool, we ended up finding two paintings at Home Goods. They look fantastic in each space, but I'm a little embarrassed to admit we found them in a strip mall!

We've also spent the last few weeks brainstorming ways to decorate our front door. The painted double doors set the tone when you enter our home, but the previous owner's curtains were dreadful. It didn't match our decorating taste.

We took those ugly green curtains down right away. And for weeks now, we've lived with nothing covering the windows. It's become a little uncomfortable as I walk through the kitchen every day. I guess I like to walk around in my underwear. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled.

Our goal was to find something that allows light and view through the window, but also provides some privacy. Andi designed a few options for a vinyl window sticker and we settled on this one. Check it:

Do you like it? It's definitely unique, but I'm not sure it provides the level of privacy we're looking for. We'll find out next week when I'm nursing a baby in the living room and the mailman drops by ...