Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going Minnesota WILD

Andi scored 4 free Minnesota Wild hockey tickets this week, so we invited our friends Brian and Melissa along and went to the game last night. SUPER FUN! I've been to hockey games before, but never the Minnesota Wild - boy do people get into hockey here!

None of us four knew much about hockey so we spent the majority of the game people watching. Man, was there a lot to see! Apparently, MN Wild pajama pants are an acceptable form of fashion at sporting events. Mullets are also the preferred hairstyle of choice at hockey games. We saw Northern Woods Mullets, Asian Mullets, Ponytail Mullets and Couples Matching Mullets. Mullets as far as the eye could see.  And finally, everyone - I mean EVERONE - wore a MN Wild hockey jersey. I asked Andi why all the girls wore them too (did they enjoy following the sport at hand?). No, they're what is called "puck whores," he said. Ah yes, puck whores. Every sport's got 'em.

Now, it sounds like the hockey game was backwards as they come ... and it wasn't. There were plenty of "average Joe's" there too. However, if you're into people watching at its finest, Wild games are where it's at!

Here's a few pics from our fun night:

Four Great Friends
Melissa, Brian, Heather & Andi

Melissa & I
Mel: Are you a) drunk or b) giving Andi bedroom eyes via the camera lens??

Brian & Andi
The two most metro-males in the place!

Getting all high school bff forever in this one...

Action on the Ice

Now for your viewing pleasure (and because I'm mean like that) ... a few from "people watching at its finest"

The "Mama Biker Mullet"

The "80's Corvette Mullet"

Matching Couples Jerseys ... awwww

The perfect look:
High heels, leggings and a Wild jersey for her;
full body camo for him.
Sadly, the full camo guy looks just like an ex of mine (I puked in my mouth a little bit when I saw this)

[don't mind Mel drinking her beer in the middle of this photo ...
it's hard work taking secret What Not To Wear Photos]!

OK, just so you don't think I'm a complete biotch ...
here's an embarrasing one of me...
mowing down a big box of popcorn (thanks for capturing this one Andi)

Final score: Minnesota Wild 3 - Dallas Northstars 2. Way to go home team!

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  1. Mullets? umm, yeah.

    So jealous you got to see the Wild. My husband loves the Avs- and I got go to see he Avs play the Wild once (we won!). Poor Chris.

    Glad you enjoyed your popcorn.