Monday, November 16, 2009

What to do this weekend ...

I worked a 12-hour day at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday and therefore have the day off on Friday. After much guilt-tripping on my behalf, Andi agreed to take Friday off too so we could spend some quality time together. So  ... what should we do this weekend?

45% of me wants to use the long weekend to drive down to Nebraska to see my family.
45% of me thinks this is a great chance to travel somewhere new and fun for a long weekend away.
...and the rational remaining 10% of me thinks Andi and I should stay home and twiddle our thumbs because life's thrown us some pretty costly expenses lately. But fiscal responsibility is no fun, is it?

If we use frequent flyer miles and free hotel vouchers we have, we could probably do a trip for a few hundred bucks. We're researching Boston, Sedona and San Diego as cheap options. It's Tuesday night so we better decide soon!

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