Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm a Lucky Girl

Hello blog friends - first, thanks for all the kind comments, calls and emails re: my rock bottom moment last Friday. It's an awesome feeling to have such a great support system. Last week was a rough one; just one of those valley moments in a relationship used to peaks.  Things are good now, or better at least. Husband and I spent some much-needed quality time together on Sunday and it felt amazing. I missed my best friend.  Can't say things will be better in the short term, but at least we talked about it and we'll continue to work hard at finding that work/life balance.

Yesterday (Sunday) we picked up Andi's new car. He leased a new Lexus si250 - and looks super sexy in it! Here's a pic of what it looks like.

I tried to get him to take a "senior picture" photo leaning against it, just for fun - but not dice.

This week I'm traveling in Charlottesville, Virginia for a company sustainabilty meeting. I'm SUPER excited for this week. I love my add-on Midwest sustainability steward role and am pumped to finally meet all the other reps from across the country. I may have been in the dark on this one, but what a cute little town Charlottesville is! I've never been to Virginia and fell in love with how quaint this town is! I'm looking foward to exploring University of Virginia tomorrow (where our meetings are being held) and learning all about the latest and greatest in environmental responsibility on our campuses.

Plus, what a cute welcome bag I received when I checked in today! I just eat this stuff up - what a nice way to arrive to a meeting. Check out all my goodies(cajun nuts, organic bath products, reusable bags, mugs, and more!

It's gonna be a good week :)

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