Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

ONE: Lovin' the white wine lately. I'm usually a red wine kind of girl, and the last few months have been a complete switch of categories to Gin & Tonics. So believe my suprise when I found myself twisting (yes, twisting) open a bottle of white wine the other night. It could be the stylish wine glasses we got from my friend Ashley as a wedding gift (it's way more fun to drink out of fancy stemware)! Or it may be the two cases of wine sitting in the garage, left over from our wedding reception. Either way... Heather likey.

TWO: Ever go through a stint where you just can't spell? Normally I pride myself on my excellent memory skills and awesome knack for all things English. But lately, I cannot for the life of me remember how to spell simple words like sketch and utensil. What's wrong with me? Too many brain cells killed from the before-mentioned activity?

THREE: Work today was gossip mill central. Whoo-wee! I sometimes revel in the fact that my job is always churning with secrets and inappropriate personal facts being divulged around too many co-worker's ears. And, then again, when it's about me...it's not so funny. Like the other day my HR Manager carried around my a print-out of my social security card in her planner. For a week. Yea, not so cool. Anyway, today there were rumblings of after-football game parties, followed by DUIs and one employee sending death threats to their fellow line worker. Ah, what you hear around the water cooler...

FOUR: Did anyone see How I Met Your Mother last night? Wait for it .... Funniest. Show. Ever. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that show randomly quoted thoughout my day. It's like a secret society or something. Fantastically awesome.

FIVE: Still don't know where we're going on our mini-vaca this weekend. Flights are (of course) skyrocking by the second ... only because we actually have a 3 day weekend to burn. It's like God knows we should be all fiscally responsible with our money now that we've been educated in our God & Money class. Damn the man! Hopefully a good deal pops up by tomorrow. Or, maybe we'll be renting a Red Box movie this weekend ...

SIX: Got the new John Mayer CD from my sis-in-law Lindsay today. Damn it's good. John Mayer takes me straight back to college; reminds me reckless boyfriends and driving around smoking cigars like a naughty teenager (or 20's something year old). Definintely gonna enjoy listening to those songs...on repeat...for the next 157+ days.

SEVEN: In an attempt to save money (fiscally responsible, remember?) I've skipped the last few "you're about due" regular haircut appointments.  Just can't decide if I want to grow my hair out (= save money) or keep it above the shoulders (= easier to deal with). Somebody at work told me a while back I was "hotter with long hair" ... whatever that means. So, what to do? Should we take a vote? (... seriously, post your thoughts in the comments. I need group therapy on this one)!

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