Saturday, October 31, 2009

Better Together

Yesterday was a rough day. All my frustration and emotions about Andi's new job and our lack of QT together finally came to a head. So, I did the two things that make me feel whole again: wrote my thoughts down and called my Mom to vent. After a two hour conversation (me talking; my Mom listening), I calmed down. And today I feel better.

When Andi came home last night, we talked about my frustration with our lack of time together. He asked me what the solution was. I said I had no clue. I don't expect him to let his company faulter because I need him to be home every night. But I don't want to feel like this forever either. The answer's clear as mud.

This morning we got up and went to breakfast. It was nice to catch up. Nice to spend quality time. We're always better when we're together.

Andi's back to work now. I'm heading to the Gopher football game shortly. What am I going to be on this Halloween night? A Marketing Manager :)  I'm handing out treats to kids dressed up at the stadium tonight so that'll be fun. Here's hoping tonight flies by like a witch on a broom!

Tomorrow I get to spend time with my Husband. We're going to pick up his new car! Ah, Sunday Funday.

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  1. Hope you had a good Sunday. I guess my comment on the other post is a little late- but I am glad you guys were able to talk about it.