Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding Reception Quick Takes

Only three words come to mind: CRAZY, FUN TIMES.

I said this about a hundred times over the weekend ... and I'll say it again: It is sooooo much fun to have a party with ALL the people you love in one room! Why don't people do that more often?

We hosted our wedding reception on Saturday night and it was so, so, so much fun! There are too many awesome memories to count - here's a few quick takes:

ONE: Big Shout Out!
... to my Mom & Dad, Ash & Neal, Cheri & Norm, Jen & Zach and Marcy & Mat who traveled from Nebraska to celebrate with us! Also Derrick & Ellie who came in from Chicago and Mel & Brent who drove in from Sioux Falls. It truly meant so much to me (us!) they came all the way to Saint Paul to celebrate our marriage!

TWO: Old Friends
Andi said it ... and it's true. I am truly happier when Nebraska comes to visit. There's just nothing like your best friend of 23 years spending time in your 'hood. If I could, I would put those moments in a glass jar and keep them forever. We went to Tiff's Bar on Friday night to grab a few drinks with Ashley, Neal, Val & Brionn. It's those moments that make me miss living back home.
Ashley & I
THREE: Farmer's Market Find
Some people spend hundreds of dollars on flowers for their wedding / reception. We spent $10 on two huge bouquets. Stopped by the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and picked up these beautiful flowers - what a find!

My parents LOVED the Saint Paul Farmer's Market. It was great to share one of Andi & I's favorite weekend activities with them.

FOUR: The wedding reception itself was everything that Andi and I imagined it to be. We loved how the photos showcased in the gallery, loved the way everyone mingled around (lots of smiles and laughter) and loved how warm and energetic the party felt all night long. I loved seeing everyone I care about so much and only wish there would have been more time to chat with everyone who came. We are so truly blessed to have a wonderful family and group of friends.

FIVE: Cut to the after party .... We walked down the street to The Happy Gnome to celebrate with some of our closest friends following the reception. That's when things got a little out of hand ... but so, so much fun! Take a look a few photos from the night:

Our friend Adam (and wedding singer!) & I

Andi & Derrick

Marcy & I

Andi & I

From L to R: Andi, Val and Lindsay

SIX: Our cab driver might have been wanted.
We all hopped in a cab and drove the few blocks home after bar close. As we were approaching our house, the cab driver started to freak out because he noticed a car following him closely. The cab whipped into the Walgreens parking lot and dumped us out in the parking lot! Little did we know, it was our friend Adam following us to our house.

So, we capitalized on the opportunity and bought a few frozen pizzas from Walgreens then hopped in with Adam for the drive 2 blocks down to our house.

At some point during this time, Andi found a women's belt and fastened it around his head. We still aren't sure where this belt came from ... or who it belongs to ... so ladies: if you're missing a belt it's at the Dickson Lost & Found.

SEVEN: The trees puked on me"
In a drunken stupor, Andi ran to the corner of the yard at 4AM to yak, only to somersault over the big, blue planter and land face-first into the evergreen trees. As he got back up, the bush flung back all the yak yak he'd just unloaded. Andi shows back up 20 minutes later saying, "the trees puked on me."

Needless to say, Andi and I woke up on Sunday morning in bad shape. But it was worth it, so worth it. We had the most amazing time at our wedding reception. It was one for the record books! Thanks to all of you who shared in the memories.

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