Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It doesn't take much to please me...

Randoms inside my bubble today:

ONE: The street light is FINALLY functional again by our main office at work. I know this sounds like a silly thing to be so darn excited about ... but it was seriously a pain in my neck. For the last 2 months, the construction on Highway 280 has forced the street leading to my office into a four-way stop situation. And apparently there was a secret code of lanes to follow that only people who drove this way every AM and PM knew about. Much honking insued. My feeling were hurt many times. But all is good now.

TWO: I am so totally obsessed with nachos from Zoca, a Mexican concept we oprerate at the U. I think about them day and night. The way the cheese melts; how salty the chips are...I need serious help.

THREE: We bought a new down comforter, duvet cover and sheets with some of our wedding gift cards. I am in absolute heaven! Last night Andi said, "Man, our bed is so comfortable." And strangely, I was thinking the exact same thing at the same time. THAT'S how wonderful it is.

FOUR: It's been a few days since I got my Jetta back from the auto body shop. At first, I was a little gun-shy driving it since I hadn't in over 3 weeks. But now we're in our groove...and I'm so, so happy to have my car back! One of the best things? Having satellite radio again. I'm such a creature of habit and LOVE listening to Headline News on my way home from work. Welcome back Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Prime News!

FIVE: TV trays. When's the last time you used one? We got two for a shower gift and might I just say they are AMAZING. Who knew? We often eat dinner with our butts planted in the sofa, watching tv (I know, some great quality time together right?) and tv trays make this experience so much better. They're great for writing notes or as a computer desk for my laptop. Best gift of the year. You may all be getting them as Christmas presents.

SIX: Speaking of, I'm ready to bypass Thanksgiving and move onto Christmas. Ready for Christmas music. Ready to decorate my house. Ready to spend a week in Nebraska at my parent's house. Ready, ready, ready.

SEVEN: Facebook protocol...do you every friend someone you don't know? A friend of a friend who I've never met "friended" me today. I felt bad by not accepting this person, but I've seriously never met them. Does this happen to you? And what's the rule of thumb? Accept and then block? Deny all the way? Accept and roll with it? I'm all on-the-fence.

EIGHT: I have to work the Gopher football game on Halloween night. And I'm really not that upset about it (other than the working part, that stinks). Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I'm looking forward to watching all the drunk jackasses at the stadium stumble all over themselves and then go home, get up on Sunday and feel good (when everyone else will be all hungover and feeling like garbage).

NINE: Still loving Starbucks VIA. Have y'all tried it yet?! We just bought these new reusable coffee cups that look like trendy coffee shop cups ... aren't they cute? It makes drinking my VIA even better!

TEN: I'm happy. No particular reason...just, life is good. Gotta love it.

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