Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nothing Doin'

I have a case of Blogger block. Seriously.

There's nothing interesting happening in my life this week. Nothing worth noting. Super, duper average. And I guess average is good sometimes.

Andi came home sick from work yesterday. We're not sure if it's the pig flu (he says maybe; I say no). I think he's overly exhausted from working non-stop for the last few weeks. He's up and at work before the sun comes up and not home until I'm already in bed most nights. Love his dedication and drive ... but it's gotta be catching up with him. Although, it must be said - I don't have the greatest bedside manner so if he's really sick, sorry for doubting you Husband.

I have tonight free to myself and I'm so darn EXCITED I can barely contain myself. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself. Maybe clean my house (not that I really want to do that). Maybe go to the grocery store. Maybe make Shepard's Pie Casserole or a pot of chili. Hmmm... the opportunities are endless.

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