Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HIMYM - tv imitating life?

Do you watch the tv show How I Met Your Mother?
OMG. Best show ever!

Last night's episode was especially funny; in running order:

- The Sexless Inkeeper (going home with someone, then faking to be asleep only to stay at someone's house closer than your own)
- Full of poems and songs by Marshall (awesome - reminds me of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
- Marshall and Lily's couples date nights
- the end of the episode - standing in the rain all "long lost lover-ish"

If you saw the episode, you know that Lily and Marshall invited Barney and Robin over for a couples date night. And they had a miserable time because M & L completely over-processed the date night with food offerings, games and a creepy friend video to follow. Andi and I were wondering if we're more like M&L or B&R?

We think Marshall & Lily.

We, too, make creepy videos of our life and force our friends to watch them. (sorry all)

Your vote? Who are we more alike: Lily & Marshall or Barney & Robin?

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