Sunday, October 25, 2009

You win some, you lose some (but we prefer winning)

In 1977, my parents got married.  Also that year: the last time the Nebraska Cornhuskers lost to the Iowa State Cyclones. Saturday's game (the one we drove down to Lincoln to see) was the other. [insert sad face here].

We drove down to Nebraska on Friday night and stopped in Omaha to stay with our friends Ashley and Neal. Destination Omaha is so much nicer than driving another 1.5 hours to my parents house! We got in about 10:30 pm and stayed up for a few hours drinking Blood Thirsty cocktails (Ashley's Halloween recipe) and catching up. 

Saturday, we got up early and headed down to Lincoln to tailgate. You know, I was so excited when I checked the weather on Friday and saw the game-day forecast for 60's and sunny. (So much better than this Minnesota crap weather I'm used to dealing with)! Unfortunately, the ACTUAL game-day weather was 50 (at best), cloudy and rain. How disappointed I was -- I planfully picked out a cute, form-fitting red turtleneck to wear with with my black down vest. And since it was cold, I had to add a black sweatshirt and borrow leapord print gloves from my friend Ash.

At the tailgate ...
Neal (in his happy place)

All the girls (L to R: Ash, Me, Val and Becky)

Neal and his favorite girls

Andi and I
(not the best pic of me ... here's hoping my friends send me a better one if they've got it)

All the best Minnesotans are Nebraska fans!
(from L to R: Andi, Me, Suzanne, Corey)

The game was the less-desireable part of the day. Eight turnovers. Seven points. You do the math. To say we didn't play our best is an understatement. But Andi and I did eat a Runza (and a hot dog, nachos and caramel corn). I guess you could say we found other ways to entertain ourselves!

At the game ...

Memorial Stadium

View from the top (can't see the players? yea, I couldn't either ...)

Tunnel Walk & Huskers running on the field

After the game, we drove back to Ashley & Neal's house in Omaha to watch more football and order pizza. We played our new game, Buzz Word, which we got as a wedding gift. May I just say that I ROCK at this game! It will now become a game-night staple in our household.

Took this photo of Chloe and Kota (Ashley & Neal's pup) snoozing on the couch together. How cute is this?! They act like they hate each other ... but we know the truth. :)

Drove home from Nebraska today. While we didn't have the best game-day experience, we did have a great time tailigating with our besties and eating delicous Nebraska foods. And, we'll always love our Huskers. Here we go Nebraska, here we go!

ps...I wasn't even hungover today (which was a GREAT accomplishment over the last two weekends). Hey, little steps are big ones in my book :)

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