Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God & Money Update

If you'll remember, Andi and I signed up for a 10-week Biblical Financial Study (aka: God & Money class) at our church a few weeks ago. We meet every Wednesday night for two hours to review the way God sees us utilizing the wealth & possessions He's given us.

After the first meeting, Andi and I were a little unsure about the class. It's a small group comprised of one 50's-something couple and an a father/daughter duo who's ages are roughly late 40's to 21. Because we're all at such different life places, Andi and I weren't sure we could really relate to the group. Additionally, we were both a little intimidated to be part of a bible study where you're "put on the spot" regarding your biblical knowledge. Simple things like reading a verse from the Bible made both Andi and I feel stupid for not knowing the books of the Bible by heart like everyone else.

Following class #2 last week, we both had an epiphany. Who cares what other people think about us! Isn't the important thing that we're actually GOING to a Bible study and LEARNING about God and His wants/needs for us? Isn't the point of the class to BETTER our marriage and make sure we're starting this life path with a good, solid fountation? I think so.

So, with that in mind, the class has taken on an entirely different feeling for us. I actually love being in a bible study now. It's really empowering to surround yourself with good, honest people who share the same ideals as you. And, already the class has helped Andi and I make smarter choices about our finances. OK, so I can't exactly say that we've saved a bunch of money or the class has helped us avoid some major financial disaster (yet!). But we've had more converstations about the future of our finances in the last two weeks that we ever have. And just last weekend at Target we BOTH put things back on the shelf because we didn't really need them. Unpressured consideration. Just a "eh, I don't really need this." I'm not sure if a $15 sweater can really make a difference, but it all adds up, right.

We didn't combine our finances like other couples might do after the wedding. We took the "if it ain't broke ..." mentality since we've lived together for 3 years and coodinated money to this point without issue. I think the class has helped each of us remember that it isn't all about ME anymore. Andi's in the market for a new car as his lease is running out in January. We were both on different wave lengths regarding how much the monthly payment should be and how it affects our finances. Before, I think Andi would have made his decision solely based on his thoughts of HIS financial situation. But now, after starting the class, we sat down and talked about each of our financial goals for the next 3-5 years and where we'd like OUR money to go. Unchartered territory for us newlyweds, but so far the support of God and our church has made the transition smooth.

Tonight's class #3 where we're discussing debt. We responsible for completing a few questions in a workbook and memorizing a bible verse. As I was completing my homework last night, I was taken back by all God has to say about life situations. Ever think you're faced with a difficult decision and not sure what to do? God's answer is in the Bible; I just never how speific the Bible referenced various life situations before. I'm just amazed by it.

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  1. How interesting.

    What is it like to not combine your $? Obviously- we combined money- I got really lucky with Chris- when we got married he started to take care of me totally. I worked enough to pay for grad school- but he took care of living expenses. I would have no money if we kept our money separate. (No real job will do that to you!) How do you pay for mutual things like food, the house, the bed? I am just curious. You can tell me it is none of my business!