Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekend Countdown

Tomorrow's the day all our friends and family are coming in for our wedding reception this weekend. I am so-damn-excited I can barely contain myself! Everyday I think about someone coming in for whom I haven't seen in months or years ... I about bounce out of my seat with joy!

I've been talking with my Mom about 3 times a day (minimum) this week as we count down to their trip to Cities. This will be my parents first trip to Minnesota without a little one (grandbaby Brookie) or my brother and sister. I feel like a selfish kid saying this, but it's going to be great to have my parents attention all to myself!

My Mom's been saying the funniest stuff to me this week about the party. On Monday, she text me saying -

Mom: Have to go to XYZ Store tonight & buy something to wear. I'm thinking sequins...

Me: Sequins? I think not. It's not that kind of party.

Mom: Sure it is, we're celebrating your marriage ... I want to look good.

Me: Um, no sequins.

Mom: Ha, ha. You're so guilible!

Today she text me ...

Mom: Is there going 2 b any bars w/ bands Sat night 4 dancing, cutting loose and beverages?

Me: You're funny! We were thinking about Octoberfest at Gastov's. (Is she being serious?)

How funny is that?! We're going to have so much fun this weekend.

Tonight, Andi and I are meeting at 526 Gallery to set up the room. We won't have any of the tables, but we do have all of our photos printed and ready to hang. We have over 250 images! I'm not sure how we'll hang them all. I'm sure my Superman Husband will figure it out! The goal is to get most of it set up tonight so we don't have to do it tomorrow / Saturday when our family and friends are here.

Huskers are on tonight too! Go NU - beat Missou!

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