Saturday, October 17, 2009

Closet Time!

I FINALLY cleaned my closet today. Man, what a job! It's been months of digging through a gigantic mass of shoes, overturned piles of work pants and unorganized sections of shirts. Just this morning, I slid half-way across my bedroom wood floor on a pile of plastic hangers and almost broke my neck. (The look on Chloe's face, as she watched from my bed, was priceless).

I'm not usually one to let a mess pile up but with the wedding, then honeymoon, then fall opening at school, then our recent wedding reception, the mess just grew and grew. And, when it's nice outside on the weekend, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning your closet. So, I simply shut the door and hid the clutter. Until today. Andi's working at his office right now, so I had a few hours by myself to tackle the job.

I wish I would have taken a "before" photo. But truthfully, I was so overwhelmed at the disaster site I didn't even think of it. (Let's pretend this was how my closet appeared - I actually searched Google to find this photo for effect)
And now ...
Ta Dah!
View from closet door front
View down closet cooridor (we live in an old house so I have a small, oddly-shaped closet)
The 30 gallon trash bag FULL of clothes I'm donating to Goodwill (I love the comparison to Chloe in the bottom-right. You can tell how full and large the bag of chothes is compared to her little 5lb body)
Next project: Andi's closet.
Due to our small closet spaces, he keeps his clothes in the spare bedroom closet which is EVEN SMALLER than mine. It needs help too ...

But not today ...

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