Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Go Big Red!

Driving down to Nebraska this weekend for the Nebraska / Iowa State football game. I'm super excited this weekend is finally here! The plan is to drive down Friday night after Andi gets off work, stay the night in Omaha at my best friend Ashley's house and go to the game on Saturday in Lincoln. Our friends Val & Brionn are also coming down from the Cities, as well as my friend Suzanne from work and her husband. Plenty of people to tailgate with on Saturday!

Going to a Nebraska game was on my bucket list this fall. It's so important to me to go back to my roots and share in one of the greatest experiences of my state - Nebraska football at Memorial Stadium. Unless you've been there, it's hard to comprehend how cool it is.

Going back this weekend makes me think of the first time Andi came to a Husker game with me. It was October 2007 and we'd been dating for just over a year. He wasn't sure what to expect (he's not the biggest mass sports fan) and while I tried to explain it to him, he just couldn't grasp the concept. I remember buying him a Nebraksa football t-shirt and hoodie sweatshirt to wear and about falling off my chair when he asked me why he had to wear it. "Because you'll be the ONLY ONE not wearing Husker clothes!!!" I said. Once we started to walk toward the stadium and he saw the floods of people all dressed in red rushing to the stadium, he got it. It's hard to describe the feeling that comes over you when you're there. It's a pure rush of excitement and pride for your home team!

Here's a few snapshots from that game in Oct 2007

Fun things to look forward to this weekend:

  • Eating a Runza at the game
  • Sitting in the "Red Seats" premium section (first time this weekend! whoot!)
  • Tailgating outside the stadium and at the Embassy Suites party
  • Meeting up with my cousin Tyler at his tailgate
  • Stopping by my cousin Jen's house in Lincoln
  • Spending time with Ashley & Neal and Val & Brionn
  • QT with Andi on the drive to & from Nebraska

Updates to come next week about our fun weekend trip!

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  1. Your blog is adorable! And it's so rare that someone knows what a Runza is! My mom is from NE, and she still makes us Runzas---one of my fave foods ever!