Saturday, October 3, 2009



This was quite possibly, the longest week of my life. You know the ones where you swear it's Thursday when it's only Tuesday and fantasize about the end of the week when you'll finally be able to pull on your favorite pair of pajama pants and crawl into bed to relax. This was another six day work week - urgh (Gopher football game today) and I'm so glad it's over. Oh by the way, there's that little thing called "my car getting slammed by a careless driver who decided to not yield at the triangular-shaped sign before her" thing that also happened this week which does not make me in a good mood. And I'm PMSing. So bite me. I'm exhaused, not in the mood for your shit and oh, so thankful Saturday night is finally here.

[Insert gin & tonic #1 -- thank you husband for making me one]

[Insert gin & tonic #2 -- feeling better, thank you husband for making me two]

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

On to things I'm looking forward to now that my weekend has officially begun:

ONE: I actually get to take a day OFF next week for working today (Saturday). My parents, bff Ashley (and husband Neal), aunt & uncle and cousins Jen & Zach are coming to town on Friday for my wedding reception next weekend. I'm taking Friday off to hang with them and get ready for the party. Wahoo!

TWO: I drastically need to manicure my nails. Yikes. My fingernails are so long it looks like I could very easily be growing coke nails (don't worry, I'm not) and my toenails are lifelessly hanging onto every last chip of polish left on them. Ick. Remember the days of college where you could literally paint your nails every night (or at least before every weekend) because you had nothing better to do than primp for your social calendar? Oh, those days...but I digress.
This weekend, I'm devoting some much needed attention to my fingers and toes.

THREE: I love you, husband - please do not be offended. Tonight, I get to hang out all by myself and I can't wait. Andi's going to his class reunion with a friend and I'm staying home to veg out, paint my nails and catch up on two weeks worth of US Weekly magazines. It's gonna be great.

eeerk! Scratch that, just got off the phone with my girlfriend Julie. Instead, I'm heading over to her house tonight to catch up on girl talk and drink gin & tonics (for me) and apple cider (for her... as she is expecting a little one). That's even better.

FOUR: Sunday funday. Nothing planned tomorrow which means I can relax, clean my house and enjoy Sunday Football with the best of them. Oh, and I just learned my friend Marcie is going to be in town tomorrow, so I'll be able to catch up with her after not seeing her for over a year now.

FIVE: Watching the Vikes play Green Bay on Monday night with my friend Jorge, which'll be fun. I LOVE football season (minus the games I actually work at; including the games I get to drink beer and get silly).

Weekend: thank you for arriving. I'm glad you're finally here ... and now, off to enjoy it!

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