Friday, January 16, 2015

2/52 (A Weekly Photo Series)

Week 2 - January 10-16, 2015

Most afternoons after nap time, Tory bolts into Aden's room to greet him. By the time I walk in there, she's climbed into the crib herself and embraced Aden in a hug so tight you'd swear she hadn't seen him in ages. Tory also does this thing where she grits her teeth and says "hi Buddy, hi hi, hiiiiiii..." while squeezing the bejesus out of him. I love this picture because I can see her saying those words and feel the sibling love these two share. Best buddies forever.

Tory plays dress-up ... all day, every day. This photo is a bit out of focus, but I love it anyway because it shows Tory in her favorite attire -- head-to-toe pink.

Aden learned a new trick this week ... this "cheese" face, and I'm so happy I caught it on camera. He is such a charmer!

This boy also knows how to open the refrigerator door and helps himself to the squeeze jelly on the regular. If I make Aden a piece of jelly toast, he refuses to eat it ... but given the chance to lick jelly right out of the bottle? Absolutely.


  1. Love that first one of them in the crib! Cuties!

  2. THat first one is TOOO CUTE!!! And I love the cheese face :) I love when kids learn to say cheese - cracks me up!

  3. Henry still grits his teeth when he 'hugs' Thomas and Anna!!! Love all these photos