Friday, January 9, 2015

Project 52 Weekly Photo Series: On My Own Terms

In 2015, I want to become a better photographer. As most people know, Andi's the camera wizard in our family and I often find myself wishing he'll "take some good pictures" of the kids when we're spending family time together on the weekends. Then, when Andi gets around to taking those amazing photos, I bug him obsessively until he's finished editing them. Don't I sound delightful?

I started wondering to myself a few months ago why it's up to Andi to capture the greatest moments in our family's life together. I'm the person who spends 99% of time with our two beautiful kids, doing the things we most often do together - play, cook, sleep, etc.; those are moments that best reflect the life we're leading today.

I have a Canon PowerShot ELPH point-and-shoot camera and while it takes fairly nice photos, I've been personally discouraged by the limitations. Andi owns a range of lens and gadgets for his Canon 7d and most weeks it sits tucked away in the closet untouched. I decided it's high-time I put that big ol' camera to use. And fortunately for me, I have my own personal photography instructor and critic: Andi.

So, I decided to tackle a weekly photo project in 2015 to both motivate me to take photographs and track my improvements over the course of the year. Personal photo challenges aren't anything new; there's tons of inspiration on the Internet for a variety of daily or weekly prompts. But, I'm not planning to link-up or follow the guidelines of another blogger or photographer. My goal this year is to become a better photographer by taking photographs of my life -- my kids, my husband, our hobbies, travels and everyday life. Photos must be taken with the big Canon 7d camera; iPhone photos won't count, though I'm sure I'll still snap dozens of those everyday. Then, I plan to post some of my photographs here, every Friday, in my own Project 52 weekly photo series.

Here goes nothing!

Week 1/52

I snapped this picture of Tory quietly playing dollhouse in the corner of the living room, as she does most days. She was deeply enthralled in her own world of pretend play as I sat across the room admiring her crazy bed head. Tory's hair is wild every morning, and it's a small detail I never want to forget.

Aden Bear was nearby, too, playing with the other giant plastic house in the living room. Seriously though, this is the greatest kid's toy on the planet despite the real estate it eats up.

Later, I caught a glimpse of Tory looking out the window at a few squirrels prancing around the backyard. When I asked her if the squirrels were playing she said, "No, Mom, they're running because it's really cold outside."

Chloe quietly slept in her usual spot on the sofa. 

Aden's proficiency in walking has really taken off this week. He learned how to keep his balance using the activity walker and peeled around the living room like a driver who's just earned his license.   

He looks more like a toddler (and less like a baby) every day.

It was a fun, slow-paced week at home filled with lots of play time -- my favorite. 


  1. Love the photos and photo series!! I may have to copy your idea - I find myself not taking many pictures during the colder months of the girls - I need to do better!!! : ) How fun!!

  2. Great shot of A in that playhouse! Can't wait to follow along :)

  3. Good for you! While I was on the blog break I took a break from the camera almost the whole time which is so unlike me. But I got into the bad habit and now I'm trying to remember to always have my camera ready and near. Have fun learning to use your big fancy camera!